Friday, February 24, 2012

SESSION 52 "The King of Tory Island"

After another boat ride, with a far better ending, the group docks on the one pier of Tory Island. They immediately see some turtlenecks lounging around the dock. Everybody remains cool and collected as they travel up the path to the biggest building on the little island, the Tory Island Lodge and Public House. The turtlenecks follow.

Inside, the group makes themselves at home at a corner table in the pub. An old man and a younger man are playing some trad music on an accordion and fiddle. Different turtlenecks are at the bar. There’s some suspicion that the old man might be the contact that Madden informed them of, Padraig, but no one is saying anything to overtly with the turtlenecks hanging about.

Some quiet discussion is made about what to do next. The plans range from subtle to bloody, but in the end the group decides to play it cool until they know what kind of force the Fomor have on the island. When the turtlenecks get up and walk out, the party makes it move. Rhaps and Malek veil and follow the turtlenecks while the rest of the group starts up a conversation with Paddy, who after verification from Ashley, reveals himself to be their contact in fact.

While the group goes to Paddy’s house, Rhaps and Malek use a magic stethoscope from Malek’s bag to listen in on the two turtlenecks who went upstairs. A two-way radio conversation reveals that there is a larger group below the cliffs on the north side of the island. Finding the group gone when they return to the pub, Rhaps has little difficulty following their scent back to Paddy’s house.

Paddy informs the group that there is a secret entrance to the caves below the island and the entrance to the Mother’s realm. He also tells them that there are extensive ruins beneath the island, likely of Fomor make. Since his house will no doubt be watched, they come up with an all-night party as a ruse. The young fiddler, Daniel, offers to get some instruments from the pub. With the curtains pulled tight and the radio turned up loud, he will try his best to make it look like everyone is still inside having a good time. Meanwhile the party will veil up and be led to the cliff entrance by Paddy.

After a narrow and difficult descent to the sea caves, the group finds the way guarded by more turtlenecks, including a seven foot monster of a dude who would need a heck of lot more than a high collar to hide his fishyness. With some of Malek’s water magic they are able to slip past the guard and make their way into the bowels of the island.

Several times in their progress they have to avoid patrols of turtlenecks with lights, ropes and exploration gear. The ruins are obviously ancient, and once must have been grand, if otherworldly. Daniel’s veil holds. A commotion in the tunnels ahead reveals the center of Fomor activity, a large vaulted chamber with a carved well at its center, and an arch carved into the stone at one end. Not only are there over thirty Fomor present, with another dozen coming or going at any given time, but the Fomor sorcerer, Sek-Thul is overseeing the search from the chamber. Of course a nod from Paddy reveals that this is the entrance to the Dagda’s Chamber….

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