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Continued Session Notes 46

Rhapsody Session 46

They head to the standing stones and act touristy. A guy wanders up near the group and stays for a few moments before heading back down. A couple also meanders up and they are discussing what else they have to do today.

At the Burrem, Rhapsody notices that some of the dolmans seem to be like doorways. As they head out, Sheri sees someone who looks like dude on the motorcycle talking to someone else.

While getting gas, Sheri is sure that she sees motorcycle guy again.

They head back to the bed and breakfast. Mrs. McFarland is cooking and has the group eat. Later they head to the pub. Motorcycle dude is not there, but there is a live band and the group. Rhapsody is dancing and sees a guy enter who has a demeanor about him that he knows how to handle himself in a fight. Daniel can actually see that the guy his carrying a gun.

He stands at the door for a moment and look around. He stops when he sees Sheri and Connell, and then starts to head for them. Daniel goes up to Rhapsody and dances with her as they move a little closer to where their friends are.

The guy asks if he can join Sheri and Connell and they agree. He sits down and seems friendly, then introduces himself as Willy. He says he has a message and pulls out his billfold and business card. Ms. McCarthy would like a visit from them. It is not a name they recognize.

Willy stands up as Frasier enters and they spot each other. Willy hands Tim a card. Tim explains that McCarthy is of the high court and is interested in any supernaturals that come in. Tim asks Sheri to dance as the group kills more time till they go to meet McCarthy.

They get to the Kingfisher Lodge, which is towards the coast. Tim warns the group that Madden didn’t make all the preparations to meet with McCarthy and to not tell any details about their purpose there, just to stick to the basic that they are there for Atlantean research.

They are led to a meeting room and there is a very attractive blonde seated at the end of the table. There is a guy in form fitting black spandex doing acrobatics and juggling. He is dismissed and they have an audience over tea with Ms McCarthy who is curious as to the group’s activities. The group glosses over what has been happening stateside and McCarthy mentions that she’d like to know of any danger that would present itself.

They are dropped off at the B&B and go to bed. Connell awakes to the sense of someone watching him. He feigns rolling over and reached under the pillow for the gun as he peers for the peeper. In the corner of the room, in the deeper shadows, there is something there. He sits up and turns on the lamp. The shadows constrict in and then something about one and a half feet tall spins out with four limbs comes out.

“Humble servant comes to invite you to a meeting with Master Craddig. Master Craddig is ruler of lower courts.”

Rhapsody and Connell are going to meet with Craddig. However, Connell has the critter lead him off while Rhapsody goes to get dressed. After an hour, Connell returns and says that the unseelie were offering the same help as the seelie. Also specifically offering him help.

Rhapsody goes to bed, then wakes up and heads to the bathroom with stomach pains. Daniel hears her and Rhapsody grumbles she’s fine, even as she vomits.

In the morning, Rhapsody is pissed, Daniel is hung-over and the other two are their normal selves. The council has the decision and they go meet with Madden. Madden is not there. Ashley arrives. They wait 15 minutes and Connell goes out to wait another 10, then returns and they all head out.

Out of town, they see where a car went into a ravine. Madden’s car is at the bottom but no Madden. No tracks but there are blood and the window is smashed out. They spread out and look for tracks or any other signs. Daniel notices there is glass all over the road. Connell tries one of his Mindtime peeks and sees a vision of the Jaguar skidding and a hand on the wheel, the window is busted out. It goes into the grass and goes down.

Rhapsody notices a transport truck coming and she yells out as she leaps to knock them out of the way. She only manages to grab Ashley as Connell becomes sandwiched by his leg. Connell and Tim’s car go rolling down the ravine. The Lowry is hanging partially on the ravine. Rhapsody gets up to head to the driver’s side of the truck.

Sheri calls for holy strength. Ashley rolls to her feet with her gun ready. Tim holds his gun up as well. Rhapsody runs up to the truck as she changes. Daniel looks around and gets a shield up as he goes to the Lowry. Two men pop up with automatic rifles and start spraying at Daniel and Rhapsody. Daniel tries to dive down the ravine but is hit. The bullets are absorbed by the shield, save for the last, which get through the last of the shield and the armor, grazing his arm. Rhapsody ducks the bullets coming at her. Sheri notices that rocks and dirt and mud start coming down from the opposite side and land on the Jag.

Rhapsody leaps up and goes after the gunmen. The first one she hits is eviscerated. She misses the second one as he leaps back and brings his gun to bear. Sheri notices a pair of arms holding a boulder and then hurls it at the Jag. Sheri leaps out as the boulder lands, smashing the car. Something roars through the bushes as Ashley shoots at the bushes. The one that leapt back lets loose at Rhapsody and she tries to dodge by going further into the truck, but gets hit with the burst. Daniel and Sheri hear some sort of buzzing, as small shapes dart through the air. Sheri avoids being hit from two small arrows as does Daniel. Connell start to lift the car and wiggle out from under it. Daniel tries to get up to the road for some cover.

Rhapsody goes after the other gunman and misses with her first strike but nails with the second and guts the guy. Daniel gets under the truck and channels essence. Sheri aims and fires but misses the hill giant’s neck as it dodges. Connell still tries to wiggle out and manages to do so. Ashley opens fire on the giant, hitting in the right leg, torso and the head. The Lawry rolls forward and hits the rental exposing Daniel. One of the zippies returns and fires at Daniel, hitting with both arrows, one crippling his leg. Sheri dodges one and gets hit in the arm with the other shot. A third zippy comes out and goes after Tim, he dives out of one arrow’s path into the mud, the other ends up in his ass.

Ashley switches targets and hits one of the zippies with a shot, making it scream and zip sideways. Rhapsody summons a tiger to protect Daniel. Connell takes aim at the giant and hits twice. The giant slides down and is still. Sheri calls down the holy fire on the zippy that hit her, bug zapping it. The giant starts to sizzle, blood bubbling up from the bullet wounds. Four arrows are launched at Sheri by the two remaining zippies. The second and the last arrow hit Sheri in the torso, stopped by the vest and the last is also stopped. Daniel launches a soul fire at one of the zippies which dodges. The truck takes off with Rhapsody in the back. Tim takes a double tap at the same zippy that Daniel fired at. He missed the first shot and with the second.

Tim fires at the zippy again, and misses. Ashley fires at the zippies and the shots are dodged. Rhapsody pulls an Indy and climbs to the top of the trailer. The two remaining zippies fly off. The driver is trying to shake Rhapsody off and manages to do so. She heads back to the group. Daniel falls into unconsciousness. Rhapsody takes out the arrow from Sheri and she also falls unconscious. Connell, Rhapsody and Ashley clean up the scene of evidence of their presence before heading to Ashley’s house.

Continued Session Notes 44-45


Ramirez is up at the controls talking with Muller. The largest and only sea serpent the group has ever seen breaks the water 100 yards from the boat. The size is easily enough to eat the boat. The boat rises on the wave and Myrddin says “NO” as the group is hurled off the boat. A sword appears in Myrddin’s hand as the boat is consumed with him. The group hits water and come up sputtering in time to see a second wave to smash into them. Daniel saw that Connel’s body was flung upwards. Sheri sees a tentacled white form coming after her. Sheri whips out a survival knife and slashes, but misses. One of the tendrils tries to grab on to her foot and she dodges it easily.

Daniel channels some essence and looks for Connel, but doesn’t see him. Rhapsody shifts into her hybrid form and sees Daniel, then swims towards him. Sheri feels a hand grab her clothes from behind and tugs her up towards the surface. Rhapsody doesn’t see the thing as it grabs hold of her and yanks her downwards. Ramirez has Sheri and is flying up with his telekinesis. Daniel swims up to the surface and he sees a huge coil of the serpent roll through the water and he levitates, asking where anyone else is.

Muller breaks the surface, coughing and sputtering. An amorphous shape below her is heading for her. Ramirez says he can’t lift more than Sheri and will take her to shore to return to the others. Rhapsody claws off the tentacle holding her and swims for the surface. Sheri hears a couple shots as she flies away with Ramirez. Daniel sees Connel floating face down. He channels and heads towards the unconscious cop.

Two more squid like things head towards Rhapsody and then two more shapes dart though the water. Daniel sees a shape jump over the top of Connel’s body and sees that it’s a seal. Rhapsody sees there are two and the seals move to her and she takes hold of the two and they zip her away. The water grows dark as the serpent breaks , spiraling Muller out of the way from the force of the wave. Daniel fall floats to the side as it shoots up past him. It leans like a giant tree and slams into the water, sending a huge wave.

Ramirez drops off Sheri to swim to the shore as they are close. Daniel sees Muller wrestle with a tentacle and he casts levitate on her. The spell grabs hold, there is a tug-o-Muller game at hand. She fires a few shots and the levitate pulls her up out of the water after she fires a few shots and it lets go. The seals with Rhapsody have surfaced so she can get air and they keep going.

Daniel goes towards shore with Muller. He catches up with the others, the seal that latched on to Connel deposits him on the shore. Muller does CPR. It’s not working and can’t revive him. Daniel tries magic to see if that works, but it does not. There is silence, but for the lapping of the waves. Rhapsody sees if the seals are selkies, but they just bark at her. Though one is Eric, one of the selkies they had met and he gives them direction to the park.

Ramirez calls for help and they wait for an hour before a government sedan shows up. They get to the hospital and Connel is wheeled away. Muller gets clothes for Rhapsody. They then drive to the Underground headquarters. They get to a room to rest and Daniel calls Ashley and gets her caught up on events. Rhapsody checks messages on the borrowed phone and finds a voice mail from Amy. Amy says Jenny’s freaking out. Rhapsody assures them that they will go. Rhapsody drops the bomb on the pregnancy thing.

After initial silence, then some discussion as to the pieces of the puzzle they have, but wondering who or what they are missing. They get to the park and have Ramirez put Connel away so that Chereshe doesn’t get him. At the cave, they see Jenny wailing and keening. Once she notices the group, she goes to Daniel and takes him towards the pool. Daniel channels essence in case he needs air, and she does pull him into the water and whispers “Geyaharu is coming, the father is dead …. The spire will rise, heed the mother, arm the son… A messenger is coming…” They head back to the car.

They get to FBI headquarters and Ramirez goes check on the body, and Connel never made it there. They go to the hospital to talk to the mortician. Daniel gets a message that Ashley is coming into town and will call. Rhapsody calls Roland and not much has developed other than the Ferals are reorganizing under a feral tiger. Rhapsody cursed and walked from the phone, thinking it’s Loknath. Daniel asks if he knows the name Voliss. He remembers the name mentioned in Europe, in Istanbul. A powerful practitioner. He offers to get more information, but has not heard of the name ‘Chalmers’.

They catch up to Ramirez, Rhapsody goes to track Connel’s scent. She finds faint traces but did not find anything solid. They talk about perhaps Rhapsody calling out Loknath and if he is defeated, she takes over the Ferals. They get to a safe house and Roland calls back, informing Rhapsody that Voliss is in Venice, Italy. Muller finds something on Chalmers. It happens to be the Chalmers Davidson Trench, which is a hundred miles long, a perfect place for an Balial lord to set up an HQ.

They get sleep and wake up to a phone call. Ashley has a flight ready for the three; Sheri, Rhapsody and Daniel. Daniel works on hiding the weapons, Rhapsody checks in the sword she got from Loknath and they are off to London.

Session 45

Daniel bypasses security with the bag of guns as Rhapsody checks in her sword. Rhapsody gets a few books to read as the group waits for the flight.

Daniel sees a shabbily dressed individual who looks like a hobo who just pulled what he could off a clothesline. He realizes after a few moments, it's Connel who seems to be dozing off. Daniel pokes Rhapsody and she stands to walk past to catch his scent, and it is Connel. "Where the hell have you been?" He blinks awake and looks up, remembering her and says, "I have no fucking clue."

Ashley blinks and has Connel go with her to the women's bathroom, having a few women leave who are a bit scandalized as she shoves Connel into a stall. Rhapsody goes with them and guards the door. Ashely has Connel strip and does a very thorough exam of him and comes back to report to Rhapsody that Connel doesn't have any marks of the Balial or Chereshe.

There is a crashing sound, and Connel is going after Ashley, triggered by the words 'Balial' and 'Cheresche'. Rhapsody tries to trip up Connel as she changes, but he leaps over her and grabs Ashely around the neck, starting to throttle her. Ashley tries to break free but can't. Rhapsody finishes changing and breaks Connel's grip and shoves him back. It takes a moment, Ashley is trying to breathe through a damaged windpipe and Connel regains his senses, moving towards the elven woman. "She need oxygen." "Don't let that bastard near me,"

Ashley gasps out. Rhapsody has shoved Connel back and is between the two. "Daniel, get your ass over here!" she bellows. Daniel and Sheri go running to the bathrooms. They see some women talking to a security officer. Daniel does some healing on Ashely and then does a hideaway on himself and Connel. The boys go to the men's restroom and try to figure out what is going on. The girls assure the cop that everything fine and nothing of note happened.

They finally decide to keep Connel with them and figure out what's going on. Connel calls Ashley 'bitch' a few times when referring to her and is confused as is everyone as to where this anger is stemming from. "I thought men liked the 'C' word." Everyone looks at Sheri and laugh. They get onto the plane and sit the first class lounge. Rhapsody calls Roland to try and help figure out anything undead that would look and be alive to everything else, but have phenomenal strength and agility, and prone to rage that was not a vampire. Roland will look into it. As there is no trust with Connel yet, as he cannot prove one way or another, he has Rhapsody call his mother, not that provides any conclusive proof.

He does say he had a vision of the plane leaving after he got out of the morgue, which is why he was at the airport. They also call Rameriz who wigs out and Rhapsody also sends him to find something on wrathful dead. They get off on Gadwick International Airport. They take the tube to London proper. They get to a townhouse, go to the basement, go through a tunnel to another townhouse, into a garage and into an SUV At a cottage, they set the gear down.

A fairly short and scruffy man approaches and nods at Ashley. He takes the SUV keys, heads out and leaves. They rest and relax for the night. Connel, in the morning, realize that the breakfast he eats, provides no real sustenance nor joy for the eating. Not even bacon After more trains and ferries, they get to a youth hostel in Shannon Island and up the stairs to a study where a man is. He is short, bald and dour looking. He introduces himself as Mr. Madden. There is a little girl with dark hair, about 6 years old, looking out the window. She is gifted. Rhapsody sees that she is more than a child and is really a lithe little creature with wings sprouting from her back.

The girl is introduced as Kaylee. The girl goes up and takes Connel's hand. "Well you're a strange one aren't you?" She then returns to the window. "Ms Walsh says you have a bit of temper. We don't know how we can trust you. She's given me all the information, so far. Is there anything you'd like to say in your own defense." "Only that if something happens, I have no control." Kaylee says, "He can be trusted." Door opens and there is a really good looking man in a sport jacket, jeans and hiking boots.

Connel recognizes him as an authority figure who is introduced as Detective Frasier. Madden has folks sit or stand as they like asks if they know why they are gathered. "Waiting to give exposition?" is Rhapsody's glib reply Madden explains that they are here to see the Danaan Mother, who is the last Altalal lord. Shannon and the major cities are ruled by the seelies. The wild areas are where the unseelie rule.

There are some of the descendants of the Atlalal who have sided with the unseeilie. In order to keep the Mother hidden from the unseelie, they need to take every precaution, thus the multiple modes of transport. They want the group to lay low till they can verify nothing has followed from Northport, especially since Connel had blurted London to Rameriz. The Detective will give them fake ids and set them up in a bed and breakfast.

They are to play the tourist group and not cause any trouble or call attention to themselves. Rhapsody is Katrina Williamson. They get a rental car and head to the bed and breakfast and meet Miss McFarlan who shows them to their rooms and gives them sandwiches to eat. The group decide to head down to the town, realize their funds are trackable and call Frasier who has some cash sent to a bank for them to withdraw.

Getting some new clothes, they head to the Conch, which is the public house. Miss McFarlan is serving and says that she does own the place and it was in the family for a few generations. The group appear to relax and settle in for vacationing, though the tranquil area and it's quaintness still keep them on edge.

They head up to the house and see a bonfire up on one of the hills. The following morning, Miss McFarlan says she has no knowledge of why there would be such, other than perhaps the local kids having one for a party. The group heads out to the standing stones, still acting all touristy.

Session Notes Continued 42-43

Session 42

Rhapsody keeps watch for the spider thingies should they mosey upwards. Ten minutes go by as Muller is watching over the unconscious pair. Muller manages to bring Daniel back to consciousness. Rhapsody notices kobolids moving into position, one with a rifle of some sort. Rhapsody gets the rifle and starts to take aim at the one with the rifle. Muller catches Daniel up on events.

Muller uses her mental abilities to make the kobalid with the gun stand up and scream, holding his head. Rhapsody fires and wings the kobalid, Connel fires and drops it. Another kobalid dives for the gun. Rhapsody fires as does Connel, while the other two take off through the trees to get around the house. Rhapsody drops one and Connel manages to hit cover on the other as it flees through the trees.

They notice that the zombies are congregating at the side that the group is mostly seen. The other side is clear.

Connel tries to force a vision to see what would happen with the group getting off the roof, towards the woods to the back. He sees Rhapsody carrying Daniel and Sheri, running through the woods with everyone else.

As the group climbs down the ladder, Rhapsody throws shingles at the zombies to keep them interested in one side. After hopping down with Sheri, she picks up Daniel and they get moving. After a few moments Daniel tries to cast his essence shield and as he gets it up, there is a huge clap of thunder. Rhapsody covers him and Sheri, thinking it gunshots, but it was 3 lightning hits in a single location from what they see. Daniel gets himself healed back up to full. But he goes to try to heal endurance damage on Sheri and comes back to consciousness.

Connel is watching the woods and gets flashes in his head, seeing several of the spider demons probing the woods. They keep going and head south, parallel to the shoreline. Another thunderbolt strikes.

Rhapsody is somewhat leading and finds a dirt road. The continue south and Rhapsody notices as they cross a ravine. There is movement, something through the tall grass. They keep going and three spider demons spring out and attack.

Rhapsody steps in after the one on Daniel and knocks it down. She goes after the one on Sheri and it dodges, then attacks Rhapsody and hits both times and Rhapsody is down and unconscious. Demon attacks Connel who gets out of the way of the first one but is hit with the second attack makes Connel go down as well. Sheri calls for holy fire on the one that attacked Connel. Muller goes to one knee and takes shots at the one on Rhapsody. She hits both times and knocks it off the unconscious tiger. Daniel pops a soulfire at the same demon, hits and fries it, blowing it up from the inside out.
The one remaining demon spins around and lunges at Daniel, but doesn't penetrate his armor. Sheri doubletaps and it dodges the first shot, then the second shot is also avoided. Muller aims and also doubletaps, winging it with one bullet. Daniel tosses off another soulfire and hits it with a glancing blow.

The spider heads to stab at Daniel and he dives out of the way. Sheri doubletaps, and hits, dropping it. After healing and getting folks mobile. They got the top of the hill and see warehouse buildings, docks at the waterline, but no shambling hordes of zombies.

They hunker down and get healed up and energies restored before going invisible with Daniel's hideaway spell. As the go towards the buildings, two fengral demons walk past them. They go further and Daniel gets Connel fully healed, endurance and health before shielding himself and renewing the hideaway.

A fengral demon climbs down the building and lands about 10 feet from the group and keeps going. Rhaps opens the door to the warehouse and they head in. They turn to the left and Rhaps peeks in a door and it's the main warehouse. There is a faint glow and the walls seem to be covered in a fleshy substance. Rhaps reports and the hideaway fades. They decide to wait till Daniel is full and then go in with a new hideaway.

They head in and find the sac, that appears to be around the node they are looking for. Connel mindviews inside the sac and sees layers, and layers, of eggs.

They head back and Daniel tells of his idea for using a truck or something to be driven through the door to hopefully explode. They go out and find a truck, they find desiel fuel and load up the truck, then try to figure out who was going to go in

Session 43

The group is on the dock, with a truck loaded with barrels of fuel as the storm rises in force. It was determined that both Rhapsody and Sheri would have to push the vehicle up the hill and someone (Daniel) would go in and open the roll gate.

Daniel starts to work on getting an invisible spell going but as he does so, Connell grabs his head and starts to scream. Rhapsody pounces him and claps a hand over his mouth, then knocks him out. She tucks him under a tarp and Daniel casts his hideaway on the group then on himself.

Sheri invokes the strength of ten as she and Rhapsody push the truck towards the building. Daniel heads into the side doors into the overpowering reek of the critters inside. He cuts through the hall and makes his way carefully towards the door. There is a close call where a spider demon skittles by, but takes no notice of him. He makes his way to the main room and sees the egg sack. He finds the lock and kicks it loose.

The door starts to open up as the truck crests the hill and they shove the truck in. Muller dives out of the truck, Daniel dives out of the building. The lighter is blown out a couple times before it catches and follows the line.

There are mild explosions as the cans go up and a large wall of flame that steadily eating up the egg sack. Spider demons try to tip the truck and get it away as others are trying to put it out. The group gets to the dock and they hear the mother of all spider demons scream.

Several demons scurry out of the building and they are clutching spores of some sort. They scurry by the group and jump into the water. They hear a cry and they see the biggest spider demon dragging itself and the egg sack body behind it as flaming eggs fall off.

Sheri throws Connell over her shoulder and scuttle runs as the others follow. They charge the demon and they move to the side. Daniel sees one of the demons close to the build turn and start scuttling towards the visible part of the group.

Rhapsody kills the demon as it runs by her. She looks over and nothing else seemed to have seen her. The mother spider is still dragging itself. It gets one claw into the water and the pillar of fire from Sheri finishes it. It collapses.

Daniel puts out another hideaway after it is determined to leave the unconscious Connell where he is, and under cover. They get to the burning building and Daniel can sense the nexus. They can make out swirling smoke and energy.

Daniel gathers up energy and launches a soul fire. The blue line of energy flies through and hits the nexus. It puts out the fire from wave in a circle. They retreat back over to where Connell was as he's coming to. He tells of the vision with the zombies and the circle and the hooded figure enveloped in power.

He tries to get a sense of where the last nexus is. They pull out a map and figure out the general area. They head out after a few moments. As they get to the chain linked fence, Sheri sees along the back of the gate house, and there are a few bicycles on a bike stand.

"Hey guys, I found transportation."

Twenty minutes later they are getting into Dickinson lane. At the end, towards the square, where the eye of the storm is located, is a wall of zombies. As Daniel cant' get a read with the eclipsing power of the square, they head towards Champlin Square and get up to the steps of a bed and breakfast. Suddenly, all the essence from the town square vanishes and they can then sense the essence in the house.

Connell takes a step up and falls to his knees, coughing up blood. "I can't do this, guys. Dammit." He goes and sits on the corner of the porch.

The group sticks together and head up, searching the house. There are signs of violence and in the basement there is a bedroom, like that for a caretaker, and the single bed in the center has been torn apart. There is a putrescent corpse with a fleshy flower sticking out of the torso of the corpse. There is the same yellowish goop dripping out of the flower.

Daniel starts to channel. The flower rises up and there is stalk that heads from it to the hole. It expands and explodes all over the room, sending mold everywhere, covering the group. Muller, Sheri and Daniel start to go into horrible, wracking coughs. The goop burns and Rhapsody is not in uncontrolled fits.

Rhapsody goes to hit the nexus and whacks at it with the club. The blow crumples the flower and some yellowish sappy goo starts pumping from the stock as the feral and the others are blown away.

Sheri's eyes are bleeding and Daniel is breaking out in sores, retching some, but in control. Rhapsody attacks the nexus again. Arcane energy rocks the room and the hole is destroyed. They get into a bathroom and hit the shower to get the stuff off with water. They get into borrowed clothes and when they get outside, Connell is gone.

After a few minutes while Sheri and Daniel gathers essence and does some healing, the group gets on their bikes and heads to the square. There are bodies lying over the ground, some two deep. Sixty feet into the zombies, Connell is crawling towards the bodies. The group heads over the bodies and pass Connell who is struggling forward.

The fire is still smoldering from the bonfire. There is a figure in ash grey robes stumbling out from behind the fire, appearing to be crying.

"I came so close to it!" He tears off his hood and it's Priest. He's anguishing and tearing at his hair.

Daniel goes into the circle, followed by the others. Muller steps in and there is a sound like a rubber band strumming. "So glad you could make it."

Sheri sees the flaming elemental that is the bonfire. The ground rumbles and four 12 foot golems stand up. Smaller rocks tumble through their skull like heads. The elementals attack.

Rhapsody summons five tigers. Sheri invokes her holy strength. Daniel sees that Priest as one hell of a shield on him. He says something to the elementals, one arm looks bluish-shiny like metal, and the other is blue, but more like it's partially ethereal. He has a line of power, making him glow. Daniel starts to channel and he uses the shotgun on the lead elemental. Muller panics and runs, hitting the barrier of the circle and flying back about 12 feet. The fire elemental rises to 30 feet and shrieks and Priest speaks. The four earth elementals attacks, one for each of the party members. One reaches down and bear hugs Sheri. It sinks partially into the ground with her as it squeezes. Daniel and Rhapsody dodge their attacks. Muller is squeezed into the ground and is half buried. She screams.

Rhapsody has the tigers attack Priest to try and wear down the shield. She goes after the elemental holding Sheri. Clawing and punching has little to no effect. The cats pounce and some manage to get in through the shield but not to Priest. Sheri tries to break out and does not break free, though the showing is impressive. Priest mutters an incantation and the winds pick up around him and the tigers get spun like a roulette ball. Daniel heads over to soulfire the elemental holding Sheri. The shoulder is hit and knocks out some of the material that makes up hits body. Muller screams some more. Connell is at the outside of the circle and he bounces off. The two earth golems attack. One gets Daniel, the shield holds, but he feels a strain on his shoulder as he's encased up to his neck. Rhapsody dodges. Priest points at Rhapsody and the fire elemental rushes at the feral, screaming and launches two jets of flame at her. Rhapsody is not fast enough to avoid the blasts.

Rhapsody attacks Priest and staggers him with the first blow, and then the second is blocked with his metallic arm. Sheri prays for holy fire on Priest and a pillar of fire strikes out at him, bowing him down, then he stands up as it washes off him, but more of his shield is dissipated. He says something and earth closes over Sheri's face, and she begins to suffocate. Priest tries to punch Rhapsody and she dodges. Daniel glares at Priest. The earth elemental gets up behind Rhapsody and envelops her and sinks almost fully into the ground.

Priest laughs and the elemental cries out that it wants Sheri, sliding over towards her, but backs off when Priest calls it off. The elementals shift for the group to face the fire. Air is let into Sheri's prison to let her breathe.

"Try anything and I will not release you before you die. You will be crushed."

Priest steps around the other side of the fire, incanting, the rashes start to itch furiously. Rhapsody tries to shift and escape, but doesn't work. Sheri calls holy fire on her elemental. It shifts and doesn't free Sheri, but squeezes her.

Sheri can see a bit of dark tendril shadow start making its way along the ground coming towards her. She loses sight of it and then sees a smoky tendril come over the edge of the view port and the tendril slides into Sheri's mouth and nose. Her awareness is drawn out and she is in a grey black void. On the 'floor' is a hunched over, naked figure, crouching. He's emaciated and wounded, but somewhat familiar. He raises his face that is disfigured and in pain. It's Willard.

Willard screams and a piece of flesh rips away from his arm. "Chereshe found out it was me that was helping you out. He either finally caught on or knew all along." More if his flesh is rent away in a sizzling line. He knew Priest stole the key, he wanted to see how the world would react to an arcane catastrophe so he can summon the other two thirds of the Balial of the triumvirate. The pyramid corrupted Priest. To prevent the spread, the flower must be destroyed. The bodies must be burned. You would have to have deep magic healing. I'll give you the energy of shadow for a little while. The key is in his chest. Cheresche has Lascitide's key…. Early has Sin's. Find Lord Voliss! Heresche is in Chalmers."

He touches Sheri and she is back in the elemental, the wills herself out as she sees things in shadow. Sheri's shadowy face looks at Daniel. After trying to make him shadowy, she goes over to Priest. Kneeling next to him is a blue kobalid ogre thing, conversing with him. Sheri goes up Priest's robes. She sees runes along his body, at his chakra at his chest, there is the pyramid that is Cheresche's key.

Priest screams as the pyramid is yanked out. Sheri flows out of the circle with the pyramid. The fire elemental and the earth elementals head for Priest as he rips at his robes. The blue kobalid leaps over the fire after Sheri.

Sheri is taking on solid form as she moves. Rhapsody leaps over the fire and moves to shoulder check the ogre. She doesn't knock him away, but is right with it. Priest is between a rock and a hot place. Daniel channels and gets Muller to drag her away. Ogre grabs a corpse and throws it at Sheri. It hits solidly and Sheri goes down. Rhapsody leaps upon the ogre's back and tries to dig for the heart, but the claws don't go throw. She's thrown off and the ogre shifts and turns into the lawyer from hell. The elementals continue to paste Priest. Daniel keeps channeling and fleeing with Muller, who does have a pulse. Lawyer boy tries to grab Rhapsody but she dodges out of the way.

Rhapsody dodges and heads for where Sheri fell. She grabs Sheri and leaps way, but gets her foot caught and falls, rolling, though she manages to protect Sheri. The earth elementals look around and go back to earth. The fire elemental incinerates Priest and then goes after Sheri. Daniel puts Muller down, takes note of where she was left, and channels, then launches a soulfire at the elemental. It's knocked sideways, shrieking and falls a sheet of flames as it diminishes in size. It rears up and turns into a jet of flame that eats its way towards Daniel. Lawyer leaps at Rhaps and she dodges.

Rhaps manages to get on her feet again and away from Lawyer. She rummages in the backpack for the whistle. The fire elemental tries to bite Daniel's head, it hits but doesn't penetrate the shield, though it does eat away at some of it. Daniel launches another soulfire at the fire elemental and it hits. It shrinks a bit more, almost human sized, landing amongst bodies and flees to the bonfire. "This isn't over!" and dissipates into the fire.

Rhapsody comes up with the whistle as she leaps up into the roof of a building. Lawyer leaps up and Rhaps blows the whistle that just sounds everywhere. He falls off the roof. Daniel goes back to Muller The storm is dissipating.

Rhapsody looks for Lawyer boy and he is gone. Rhaps gets Sheri and heads back towards the square, whistle in the corner of her mouth. She finds Connell and picks him up as he is out asleep or unconscious and heads towards Daniel. Rhaps stands watch for Lawyer boy as Daniel heals. Sheri is still out. Landline of a nearby house has no favorable results.

Daniel heals Sheri further, she wakes and pukes. She fills in folks about what Willard said, at least the bullet points. Rhaps goes to find the pyramid. It's gone. Daniel heals Muller. Rhaps asks if Daniel can summon Adelita. Rhaps does a small shrine to the kittes. Then she starts lobbing propane on fire to get things exploding.

There is a light in the sky swooping in low, is a fire eagle with Pukwudji riding on her back. Adelita turns to human form. They take off to get help. A helicopter arrives. After talking with Ramirez, Daniel calls Ashley. Ramirez gets a cutter to act as a floating quarantine. After a couple hours Meriden arrives and gets to healing. As he is healing, he bursts out where he is seeing to Connell and everyone goes outside.

At the island, a sheet of pure fire coats over the area. Meriden is displeased that Hashunka was summoned, but is startled to find out that Adelita likes Daniel and was the one the summoned her mother. Still, he warns that having such an entity drawn out into the mortal realm will have consequences. At this time, most of the party is too exhausted to give more than a token grunt of caring.

Once everyone is healed, Meridan and Ramirez are filled in on everything.

Session Notes Continued 35-41

Session 35

With in the week following the defeat of Fiachra, Connel continues working and on the second day, and they have cleared everyone's account for the moment with false identities, complete with papers.

Rhapsody's is Raina Nalaal. Daniel is David Matthews. Sheri is Sarah Willaims.
Puk had a dream Sheri was whisked away by a creature with five arms. They head over to the entrance to the Spirit Realm. They don't find anything. They head towards the nearest gas station and don't find much of anything. Daniel says he can try magically and they head back to beach.

They head out and Connel puts out a report on the bike. A couple hours later, they find out where it was found, abandoned and had been in a wreck. Interviewing the folks at the gas station, they get the camera tapes and see a Roto Rooter van speed by.

At the precinct, they get to the traffic control cameras and find the time frame when Sheri disappeared. They get the license number and see a black taloned finger on the hand that's on the window. Connel puts out an APB on the van. There was a huge flare of magic and they head towards it.

Puk sees a rope and they head down the alley. The rope dangles over the lip of the building. Connell goes out to check out the doors then calls dispatch to see what business operates from the address. Rhapsody smells the goblins. The two businesses are Med Tech Pharmaceutacals and an Imporium the private residence of Harold Windslow.

Puk goes up the rope, it gets cut, he turns to an owl and circles. A few seconds later, there is some commotion from the roof. Rhapsody leaps up and only gets into the second floor. Connel, while looking around, gets a call from dispatch of a break in at the location. Connel has them hold off the nearest unit till he says otherwise.

Daniel levitates Rhaps and Connel upwards.

As Daniel gets Rhaps's sword, and a cop car pulls up. Connel gets their attention and Daniel vanishes. Rhaps hears something on the floor below and heads to look.

Daniel gets to the 2nd floor and sees one of the cops looking in the Escalade. He calls Connel and tells him. Connelt tells him to hang up, which he does. Then Connel wonders what he will do about it.

Rhapsody heads right and then up a stairwell, following the scent with Puk. Connel follows behind and uses his gift to follow behind.

Rhaps sees nothing but feels two sharp stabs in her back as something buries weapons into her and she falls forward. Pukwudji yells, 'Watch out!' and they see insect legs, tho huge and sharp like blades, withdraw. Connel catches up.

Daneil calls and they figure out their're on different stairwells. Daniel hears something come from the stairs above and head down towards him. He tries to go through the door and they pass him by on the stairwell.

Rhapsody waits to heal up some and then she is racked with pain in her stomach then heads up to follow and catch u pwith Connel and Puk. The door to Harold Windslow's place has been battered down. Daniel catches up and gives Rhaps her sword. They find a floor safe in the apartment that has been ripped open. Daniel finds a book.

Rhapsody says to Daniel that they may have gotten the itme for Lascitide. They head down the stairs and hear gunshots. When they get to the bottom, they see the bodies of the two officers. Rhaps finds the scents and they go after the one that leads to the alleyway. Connel pulls the Escalade away as the others head to track the critter. They find nothing and the scent is fading fast.

Connel goes to talk to the cops, giving very bare basics of what happened. Rhaps calls Ramirez. They get the video from the cars and head to Rameriz and Muller to look at the tape. The critter that attacked Rhaps was the thing that Puk saw in his vision taking Sheri.


Session 36

Dan and Avendi get back to the cottage. There is a message from Sheri, saying she is drained and is too tired to see where she is, but things she's at the McDOnald's of Sutter Street & 32nd Ave. Rhaps calls Connell

Connell gets there first and sees Sheri there in a booth, wrapped in a quilt. He looks around and goes over, telling Sheri looks like shit.

Connel hand over his backup gun and as he touches Sheri, he gets a vision of the warehouse, a cloaked person with a staff, and a glowing column of fire being made.

The other two show up and Sheri

Sheri doesn't have anything she was wearing before, including the pendant of protection after she was taken to a warehouse. Sheri saw the pyramid, Chereshe's key.

Thinking perhaps that Cheresche was gonna use Sheri as the vessel for Lascitide.

Sheri remembered that the fire elemental melted her sword.

They hear a fire truck go by and they get into the vehicles to follow.

Rhaps gets a call from Martin. She passes it to Daniel. He talks to Martin saying they have something they'd want and would like to meet. And he tells Martin that, no, they did not cause the damage.

Rhaps, Sheri and Daniel suit up in the the fire fighting gear and they head in. The crew that came in head out, minus one. The captain of the crew tries to get them to get out, but Rhaps tosses him out.

They head further in and get to a room like where Sheri was held. Tangled up in chains from the ceiling is the firefighter. RHaps moves towards him and a column of smoke and ash comes down to coaleasce into an elemental. He says he does not want Rhaps or Daniel, but wants Sheri to finish the compact as was promised.

It warns Daniel to not utter a syllable or he will die in fire.

It starts for Sheri, warning her that if she doesn't give herself to it, it will kill Daniel and Rhapsody. Puk tells Sheri there is a door with little flame. Sheri tries a mind scream, which doesn't quite work, so it lashes out. Daniel tries to dismiss, telling it to begone. A cold wind draws around it. It hisses and implodes.

Rhapsody takes off the kit and goes in tiger form, tugs the fireman down, catches him, sets him down and gets dressed, then picks up the firefighter and head after them.

The other firefighters get the trio out of there and the paramedics see to them. The firecheif has Rhaps, Daniel and Sheri sit to the side. Daniel does his hideaway and they head to the SUV to meet up with Martin.

Rhapsody asks Puk who the best healer of the spirit folks. Puk says that would be Old Turtle Woman. Rhaps tells the group that after she reverted from the feral form, she had sharp stomach pains that passed eventually.

They call Martin to set up a meet and head to the docks. Daniel passes over the book and tells Martin what happened. What was stolen was an Atrucian Seal regarding flames of the living and the dead. Rhapsody notes the pyramid was there as well.

Another of the Sentinels was killed an attacked, something was stolen. A Sumerian idol with earth affinities.

They head to the spirit realm cave to rest at the Elk lodge, then head to the lake. Midafternoon of the second day they get to the lake. They pick blackberries and munch. After a while, a girl comes, and Puk says it's Old Turtle Woman's granddaughter. She is offered blackberries and is asked if her grandmother is taking visitors. She goes to check and returns in a boat, with which she takes the group to an island.

Sitting inside her lodge is a very old woman and she has everyone sit around her fire. Rhaps tells her what happened and said she come to Old Turtle Woman as she is the greatest healer Puk knows.

Old Woman Turtle has everyone leave and Rhapsody

Rhaps awakes is on the canoe, with OWT who is throwing pebbles. She tells Rhaps that a new spirit is bound to her. And when she transforms, the spirit clings tightly in fear so causes the pain. When it feels that RHaps will hold it, the pain will stop. It is an old soul and she doesn't know when it will reach maturity.

Rhapsody accepts this and only tells the others that OTW says she is okay.

Sheri remembers that the robe guy said something about completing the Seal of Scamandril. Daniel remembers something in Fiachra's book. They go to the lodge and one of the Brothers enters and gives Daniel the book.

Scamandril is an Atlantean artificer, the premier artificer of the last age. Connel gets the camera for them to take pictures of the book for Underground.

Daniel stays behind as does Sheri. RHaps takes Connel to meet with Charlie.


Session 37

Daniel researches the book as Sheri trains her mindtalk ability. Connell is dropped off with Charlie for training and Rhaps head to the cottage for some downtime.

Ashley calls and Rhapsody tells her of their adventures with the fire elemental. She's spoken with Meriden who is trying to get the group an audience with the De Danan (Atalal lords) to help with information to try and get Cheresche's location. Rhaps requests that another medallion be made as Sheri's lost hers. This first day goes by uneventfully.

While relaxing in the forest, napping, Sheri dreams that she is back in the cottage, working at the computer. The doorbell rings, she goes to answer it, she notices that she's Rhapsody in one of the mirrors in hallway. You open the door as there is a full fledged grim reaper screams a death scream as it lashes with a scythe.

Sheri runs to get Daniel.

Rhapsody is at her computer and gets an IM. She clicks on it and it says, "Knock knock." Rhapsody grabs weapons and her speakers as a Sesame streets.

One of these kids are of on their own
One of these kids is not protected

Doorbell rings. "That's a little gift for you"

Rhapsody goes around the house, armed, calling Ramerez. She waits and the driver leaves. She gets the tag from the door.

Sheri calls and tells of the dream she had. Rhapsody tells of the incident and the doorbell rings again. A jag is parked in front. A blonde guy in a nice suit with a suitcase.

He introduces himself as Brian Wallace and says he represents Lord Cheresche. Depending on the aswer to his question, Cheresce would give some leeway. He goes into the house by pushing the door off its hinges to opne it. The question he wants answered is the location of the Voice. Rhapsody tries to break for the car, but he appears and shuts the door. The call ended as if Rhaps went into a tunnel or out of service range.

Sheri goes to flag down a car, a van with an ugly guy pulls over. They don't get the ride.

Rhapsody gets a beer from the fridge, offers one to Wallace, but he declines. The offer is that there will be the cessation of hostilities for 6 months or until the agreement is broken by Rhaps or her friends, in return for the location and access to the Voice. Rhaps declines to make an agreement and notes that either their all in or no one is in, in such deals. Wallace asks if she is sure as a friend of theirs will be dead. Rhapsody says she is sure as she'd rather be dead than to give Cheresche anything and she goes furry.

Sheri flags down a car driven by a pair of black guys and they get a ride. Daniel does hideaway on the license plate.

Again, Rhapsody declines in giving the name. Wallace attacks, Rhapsody blocks then slices open his stomach. However, he ends up healed and Rhapsody is wounded.

Rhaps tries to grab hold to toss Wallace into the living room. She misses, and he drives an elbow into her face, and his knee comes up and hits, rockng her back

Sheri tells the guys to drive like they're invisible as Daniel uses hideaway on the car as the cops get behind and start chasing.

Rhaps summons her tigers. Wallace grab ahold and shoves Rhapsody into the ceiling and she moves to protect her stomach, then drops to the table. Two tigers attack and Wallace dodges.

Rhaps feints a kick to Wallaces groin, but doesn't fall for it, and she goes out the window. Three kitties attack but he dodges them Rhaps goes into full tiger and books it. Wallace goes through the window, followed by the kitties.

Rhaps heads for the trees, then to the pastures. She hops over the fence and Wallace leaps over, trying to catch her and she evades. As he falls, Rhapsody is in the copse and activates her camoflague. Wallace's eyes glow as he looks around, then is mobbed by tigers.

The tigers move to keep Wallace pinned and Rhapsody tries to sneak towards one of the houses. Wallace snaps the necks of the remaining tigers.

"This is a delaying tactic at best. The offer still stands. We can still go back to the house and sign papers and you will live. Or perhaps I will go back to the house and wait. Do you see the futility of your actions."

He gets out the cellphone and calls. After the call is over he says that the offer was increased to a year.

Rhaps tries to scoot away, but she is seen and he leaps out at her. She tries to flip him over, but he keeps hold and tries to drive a knee into her. She manage to block that.

Meanwhile, one of the brothers almost looses control of the car.

They keep rolling and Wallace pummels Rhaps into unconsciousness. He then drags Rhaps through the woods to the car. He gets out a bag and gives a call, asking what is to be done with Rhaps. He squirts something out of syringe and Rhapsody is injected. Rhapsody is stuffed in the back seat

At this time Sheri and Daniel arrive. Daniel calls Rhaps' phone and they hear it inside the house. The black guys ask if there is anything they can help with. The driver says he'll take care of things and goes up to Wallace. Sheri and Damien see the front door bashed in.

Sheri exclaims about the door being bashed in. Wallace says that Rhapsody was rather inhospitable and she is in the back of the car. Daniel says that they should leave. Sheri is trying to convince the two good Samaritans to get in the car and they leave.

Wallace tells them the deal. After some discussion and hemming and hawing, Daniel answers with a soulfire. It hits him, knocking him back against the Jag, arcs and swirls around, then redirects towards Daniel, nuking his shield. Sheri tries a holy fire, knocks him down to his knees and they see this form of a giant undead monstrosity flicking in and out of existence. It's screaming and he stands. In an inhuman voice says, "Don't do that again!"

Back in lawyer form, he jumps and runs after Sheri. Sheri does another fire and Wallace dives out of the way. Wallace comes up onto his feet and tries to grab Sheri by the throat and dares Sheri to do it again. Daniel draws his knife.

"The blade you've drawn suggests you don't wish to sign the contract, is this true?" Wallace turns Sheri around and has an arm lock around her neck as he holds her a shield.

Daniel says, "Yeah."

"Very well," and he punches Sheri on the side of the head. She survives and manages to stay conscious.

Daniel charges and misses completely.

Wallace drops Sheri and the air suddenly gets very thick, like a storm brewing. A thin line of light appears above the gravel of the driveway and starts to spread. And in a blink, a portal opens up, and through it steps Meirden with robes and his sword glittering and he charges and swings his sword at Wallace.

Wallace grabs the upraised hand and they struggle back and forth. Daniel goes to heal Sheri.

Meridan gets a swipe in along the torso. It hisses and blackness, Meridan also staggers, but the golem flashes in again, but Wallace is still injured.

Sheri hits Wallace with the holy flames again. He uses the opportunity to shove his sword through the now mostly flesh golemn form. He is then knocked away and Wallace golemn turns and hisses at the group, before running away at inhuman speed.

"Never been bit by my own sword." Meridan says.

Daniel opens the door and Rhapsody tumbles out.

Meridan says that Sheri needs to stay with him and that Daniel and Rhaps will need to go to the voice. Daniel gets Rhaps' normal stuff, Daniel gives Sheri his knife after packing the sleeping tigress into the Escalade.

Meridan opens the portal and takes Sheri through. Daniel drives off.

Session 38

Rhapsody wakes up and she and Daniel catch each other up on the events and head to a wal-mart to get leathermans. And they head off to get a new vehicle and get a brand new suburban. Daniel gives Ashley a call. Rhapsody doesn't draw, so they went back to walmart and got clay for Daniel to try to sculpt with.

Sheri wakes up in a bed in a small room in a cottage. Looking out the window there is a beach with horses running along the shoreline. Sheri walks around to see if there is anyone else about. She finds a basket in the kitchen with bread, cheese and some other munchies. As she eats, she hears footsteps and sees Meriden walking up, attired in his tweed suit.

"Oh good, you're awake. I keep this place for times of convalescence."

Meriden thinks that the glimpses of Wallace was its true form and a powerful minion of Cheresche, Sheri calls it the 'Reflectadon'. They were among the upper echelons of guardians for the Balial.

Meriden gives Sheri a new amulet. He has been trying to get the shades of the Altalal, called the Tuatha de Danaan. Sheri follows Meriden to the beach, scaring the horses.

"I'm not sure exactly where you'll land, but it will be some where in Northport."

She goes through the portal and is in a hallway, and finds she's in the Northport General Hospital.

Rhapsody goes to UPS to try and pick up the package that was to be delivered. Rhaps leaves amessage for connel to call them back. There is a small item wrapped and there is a note that says 'Blow this to run away from Mr. Wonderful'. In the paper is a silver Atlantean whistle that has runes.

Connel gets back in from a day's hike with Charlie and gets Rhapsody's message.

Pic of sculpture is sent to Robert Kennedy and Ashley. Daniel uses his soulfire and Rhaps' club to try and channel through the club to 'purify' the soulfire through.

They get to Charlies and stay there the night. Following day, at breakfast, Connel sees a raging fire and a robed figure holds the pyramid to the fire. One of the arms is translucent and made of patterns of swirling…

Connel blinks awake in his breakfast and tells of the vision.

Sheri calls Daniel.

Connel's phone ring. Rameriz says that there was an incident on Coving Island, something widespread. Connel puts on the radio and finds a news station.

The report is of a nuclear sub has run aground and Essex is under quarantine due to the radiation.

They pick up Sheri and go to the docks and are met by Agent Richards. Rameriz meets them and takes them below to explain the situation

They head into the island. Daniel sees a body. They check it out and just see it to be a dead man. They try the guy's car and it doesn't start. They also find a high heel, then a bit in the grass another one. Rhaps changes, tries to track and looses the track.

10 mins up the road and they ifnd another car. They open the door and a woman with a gaping hole falls out. There is yellow goo in the car which smells like ammonia to Rhapsody.

Muller says there's something thinking near by. A shape runs by in the shadows. They continue on. After a few moments, Daniel senses an essence spike in the south.

Connel uses his mindtime and sees a figure walking down the road, shuffling, there are others, all once human in various states of decomposition, towards the town square. Several of them have the holes in their chest, but not all.

Thye have Rhaps go to the square, after Daniel does a hideaway on her. She sees the circle and makes note of the runes. She sees a figure move in a second story window. She gets back to the group, they head for the Zodiac and as they get to the car in the ditch they see the woman is gone. They get to the parking lot and Connel notices that he's been scratching.

They get to the pier and hear something splash. The Zodiac is half deflated when they get there. They try the radio, then fire off a flare.

Sheri shines a flashlightthrough the office doore, the beam crosses something like the spider beast thingie, comes into being. The shadowy shape lunges at Sheri and she manages to dodge out of the way.

Rhapsody swings and misses the shape. Sheri tries to find a clean shot as does Connel. Muller says it's thinking something. Daniel sees it go out the door.

Muller says that it's calling for help. Sheri fires a double-tap, the first shot misses, and the second shot does as well. Rhapsody sees it and rips a hole in the ceiling. Connel goes outside after it. He sees six figures shambling towards the doors. He fires a shot at the head, it takes one step forward and falls as the head explodes. Daniel hears a thump and sees a shape at the window of the office. He tosses a soul fire at said shape and it drops.

Sheri goes to shoot two of the zombies in succession and they keep walking. RHaps waits till they get closer. Connel aims another head shot and misses. Muller shoots and hits a shoulder. Rhaps lops off a zombie head. Connel dodges one zombie to be grabbed by the other. Rhapsody disarms one of the ones attacking and the other grabs on to her. Daniel pops a shield on Connel.

Rhapsody rips into the guts of the zombie and doesn't quite kill it. Daniel puts a shield on Rhapsody then hears a window break. Sheri takes a shot on one zombie on Connel. Connel tries to break the grapple and gets out. Daniel hears a thumping sound and there is a sharp pain, which he survives and he remains conscious. There is a grey hook embedded in him. Zombie bites Rhapsody's shield. The other zombie tries to grab Rhaps and misses. Connel's zombie tries to grapple him and succeeds. Muller takes three shots at the thingie attacking Daniel. The hook slides out of Daniel as the creature leaps back.

Sheri goes to drag Daniel out. Rhapsody gets out of the brawl. Muller backs towards the front doors, taking a couple of shots at nothing. Connel tries to beak out but still doesn't make it. The two zombies latch on to Rhapsody. Connel keeps his zombie from munching on him. Daniel tries to do lesser healing and just can't concentrate through the pain.

Rhaps tries for a head shot and misses. Sheri tugs Daniel away. Muller goes up and puts the gun to Connel's zombie's head and fires, killing it, deafening the cop. Daniel tries to heal himself again and fails. Rhaps gets chomped by the first zombie at the jugular and something gets in through its teeth as does the other zombie. Connel goes up and uses Muller's maneuver, killing a zombie.

Sheri fires at a critter and the first shot misses, then the second hits, knocking it backwards. The hooks leaves gouge marks on the carpet as it slides back. Muller doubletaps at the creature as well and misses. Rhaps beheads the last zombie and Daniel tries to heal himself, but is still not successful. Connel notices the critter and fires three shots, hitting with the first, missing the second and third shot. It disappears back into the gloom.

They get to the parking lot and Connel stabilizes Daniel as they see figures in the diminishing light coming up the road.


Session 39
Shapes continue to approach out of the treeline out of the town along the road. There
appear to around 30. Rhapsody picks up Daniel and they head down the shoreline trail.
Connel’s hairline is itchy as he sweats, and Daniel is also feeling itchy.
The trail is fairly easy, but there are some rocky areas to climb up. After about 4
minutes, Daniel tries to do some healing again and succeeds. The area around where
Daniel was impaled knits together but leaves a splotchy looking bruise.
They hear a helicopter off in the distance. Sheri goes to aim up the flare gun. The
engine on the helicopter stutters and off towards the trees towards town is a blinking
light, and then it descends rather rapidly. There is the distant sound of crashing metal
and there is a slight glow.
Muller stops and concentrates to see if she can sense anyone. And yes, she can, but it’s
no one she recognizes.
They continue south and come to a place where the trail goes into the woods or go
towards the rocky areas where it’s harder going and slow. The itch has started on
Rhapsody as it becomes to the point of distraction for Connel, and it’s getting that way
for Daniel.
After another fifteen minutes they are going over rocks. Rhapsody stops and smells
kobalid, up the trail. Connel shines a light and only sees about thirty feet behind.
Daniel heals himself, but the stain doesn’t go away. They continue on.
They climb up an area of scree and rock, Daniel senses another large essence
expenditure from town, which continues for at least a minute. They continue on and
look for a defensible position. Connel sees nothing but feels something hit him from
behind and pierces his back it’s a prick, but does get through the armor and physical
shield. He gets knocked to the ground, gashing his hand on a rock.
Rhapsody and Sheri look over and first think that Connel just fell, but see a distortion
and one of the cloaked spider thingies.
Rhapsody waits for Sheri who does a double-tap. It jumps off Connel’s back and seems
to rise straight into the air. The first shot misses and the second shot hits, knocking
it sideways and it veers off. Rhapsody leaps up with her sword and misses her strike.
Muller shines her flashlight around and it’s right at her face when it is shown in the
light. One of it’s lower legs takes Muller right through the neck, her shots go wild and
she falls with a thud, gurgle screaming. It turns and faces Sheri. Daniel doesn’t see
the critter, and goes to assist Muller but is unable to heal. Connel shines his light right
on it and shoots at it and hits but does little damage, the second shot also hits more
squarely, spinning it and hits the rocks, but it stands back up.
Rhapsody goes to try and chop the bug and hits, chopping down the middle, almost
cleaved in half.
From somewhere down the coast area, Connel sees a red dot move across the rocks
onto Sheri.
“Sheri, drop!”
Sheri drops and rolls. High powered rifle fires and misses. Daniel tries to heal Muller
and she calms her thrashing, but does pass out. Connel shines his light towards the
Rhapsody is about to chop off the things leg. She tries to get folks to cover, and they
hear a growling from where the shot was. They recognize the sound of the kobala
giant things. Daniel puts up a physical shield. Connel uses his view ability to try and
See where the sniper and kobalid is. One of the man sized ones is in black leather and
has a high powered rifle aimed. Other kobalids are around. A figure comes up behind
the kobalid, almost looking like a Hollywood mummy, wrapped in gauze with just an
opening where eyes would be, but there is only darkness. It reaches to the kobalid and
rips it head off.
Connel relates what he saw and they hear screaming kobalids. Rhapsody sees a
coalesced darkness coming across the rocks. Rhapsody gives Sheri the club as she
readies her sword. The darkness jumps on a rock and the darkness dissipates.
“You must follow me if you wish to live,” it says in a hollow and gravelly voice.
Sheri asks who it works for. Rhapsody says there is no time and they follow. Connel
sees zombies making their way through the meadow. Daniel is getting winded. They
pause, Rhapsody hands Sheri Muller and Rhapsody picks up Daniel.
Ten minutes into the woods, he turns and stops and asks if Daniel can mask them for 10 minutes. They wade into a creek as Daniel gets ready to cast. Then they go once the hideaway is cast. Sometimes he stops and looks around as if trying to figure out which
way to go. After another 6 minutes, they come to a dirt road and head down it where
there are mailboxes with driveways. He heads down one and Daniel is able to drop the
The mummy says that there may be zombies and any sound will alert them. There is
an open garage, sprawling porch, no car and no lights. Rhapsody goes to the garage
and the door into the house is open. Rhapsody activates camouflage and searches the
house. It’s clear.
Mummy man says he doesn’t have much time. The ritual was of Chereshe, but was
not he who created it. It is a sorcerer who has gained immense power from the key.
The circle is where it was cast in the center. There are four compass points where the
zombies bring him energy to give him more powerful. He suggests killing the guardians
at the cardinal points and destroy the points, then face the sorcerer. There is no way
to protect themselves from the goings on. He came himself and had helped before with
the phone calls. The flying things are called Fengral demons. Nothing begins to unravel
and fade. He says that the sorcerer is north of the town square.
Daniel does a healing on Muller and the others search the house for supplies. They get
food. Rhapsody finds a 9mm handgun on a shelf in the closet with a box of ammo.
Sheri sees a zombie out the window and signals the others. They head out the back
door. They pad out the door as quietly as possible. They go out through the shrubs
and head back towards town. They get to the main cross street, avoiding a few other
zombies that are milling about.
They see there are half a dozen zombies just either standing around, one shuffling down
the street away from the party and they keep around the houses out of sight, sneaking
Daniel is about to do a hideaway, Muller has him stop and senses someone not too far.
It’s one of the helicopter pilots who is hiding. Muller doesn’t know who it is, so the
group agrees his best bet is probably to nuke the points. Daniel casts his spell and they
head down the street.
They see a group of 7 kobalid, the medium sized ones moving around in flack vests, just
wearing them and not much else. Connel has his spear and hands the shotgun to Daniel.
Daniel gets a sense of where to go and leads the way towards the Griswald inn. There
are a lot more zombies around and the group looks around for cover as the spell ticks
down. They go into the Victorian house. Rhapsody camouflages herself and stealths in,
she can only tell that there have been zombies, but can’t tell if there are any.
They look out the back and there are two zombies but nothing else. With a small
planning discussion, Muller then opens the door and curtain, Rhapsody steps out and
chops the head in two of one zombie. Sheri steps up with the club and bashes the head
in of the other one, falling to its knees and it groans. Connel comes in next to use the
spear and just barely misses. Daniel soulfires and turns the zombie to ash.
Somewhere through the trees towards the Griswald inn there is some other hissing
growl. They sneak out into the yard. Half way through the yard, Daniel steps on the
squeaky toy. On the other side of the yard, something starts hitting the fence, then it’s
joined by another, then another. Fingers tug at knotholes and they peek on the side to
the Griswald and see hedges and old trees and really nothing else. They get to the gate
and open it the squeak of the hinges not loud enough over the groaning.
Next yard has trees and a trampoline and four zombies. Rhapsody sees four zombies.
A zombie comes into the alley, followed by others. The group goes into the yard and
closes the gate.
Rhapsody goes to engage one zombie and cuts it in half. Sheri whiffs at her zombie as
she gets caught in the grass. Then Connel tries and whiffs as he gets caught in a garden
hose. Daniel tries to attack the same one with his knife and also whiffs. Muller
tries to knock the zombie down and pops it in the knee and it falls back partially. The
zombie tries to grab Sheri and she backs away.
Rhapsody sticks the sword it the zombie’s head but it’s still moving. Sheri goes for a
fresh one and hits, the head snapping and it collapses. Connel tries to hit and whiffs.
Daniel tries to stab and also whiffs but takes off a finger. Muller tries to kick in the
head and only gives a glancing blow. It tries to grab Daniel and manages to latch on to
his knife arm and gets a good grip on Daniel. One turns and lunges for Sheri, who dives
out of the way in style. The zombie half pulls itself off the sword.
Rhapsody goes to help Daniel and split it the back side of the skull and falls down. Sheri
attacks and misses. Connel goes for the zombie torso and only pins it briefly. Daniel
goes to help Connel and whiffs. Muller jumps on its back and tries for a stab to the
head, sticking the knife in, it’s still alive and writhing. The zombie on Sheri misses.
Rhapsody goes and punts the half zombie over the fence. Sheri goes and nicks it in
the shoulder. Connel sticks it in the chest. Daniel goes to check out the house, he picks
in the back door with his light and sees nothing. Muller looks around and runs over
towards a shed in the yard and grabs a shovel. Zombie turns and goes after Daniel.
Rhapsody goes up and kills the zombie, then the fence falls down. They go through
to the other side of the house. In the living room there is balcony and Connel sees a
zombie kid launches itself at him. Connel dodges. Rhapsody kills the child.
They go up and see the portico outside. Other zombies hear the ones in the house.
Rhapsody tells Daniel to levitate who he can, she’s going onto the roof. She leaps up as
Daniel readies a spell.
Rhapsody sees a kobalid with a rifle. She hucks a shingle to try and distracted and
beans a zombie on the head. Muller turns and trains her gun, firing at the window with
three shots. The kobalid drops back into the window. Sheri double taps to the window
enough to keep out of the window.


Session 40

Sheri goes to help Connel suppress the zombies coming up the stairs. Rhapsody gets a cable to act as whip. Daniel starts up his whirlwind and Rhaps turns into her female form as the others join up on the portico and get lifted up in the wind. Daniel directs the maelstrom towards the Griswald. Daniel sees the kobalid peek up to shoot again, and tries to get the whirlwind to an area of the roof that his … passengers can be set down. Daniel does get hit but his shield takes the damage. Connel and Sheri land hard on the porch, sense of balance gone and Sheri almost falls, but Rhaps grabs hold of her and yanks her back. Connel slams into a window, is knocked out for a second. He wakes and is rolling off the portico and into a rose bush. He turns around and pukes. Rhapsody gets the cable she took to Connel and yanks him back up. Daniel helps Muller and Sheri tries to get inside. She gets the window open and sees the bedroom is pink and froofy. Rhaps looks around for threats. Daniuel helps Muller inside who says that there is something really angry and then goes into the room. Sheri goes to listen at the door but hears nothing. Rhapsody tears down the trellis that zombies are climbing and heads insoide to listen ad the door. Daniel, Connel and Muller get their weapons ready and Muller concentrates that it something beyond that door. Rhaps peeks out and she is shot in the head, which makes her jerk and she falls down, growling in anger. Sheri prays for strength. Daniel casts hideaway on Rhapsody. Connel projects his sight down the hall to find the shooter. She sees two human-sized kobalids. Rhaps goes down the hall. The kobalid takes a shot, but misses as it’s a blind shot. Rhaps gets the gun up and swats her target into the other kobalid with a wet crunching sound. The one thrown, falls down and doesn’t get up. The other raises its gun and fires, but misses, taking out part of the wall. Sheri hauls down the hall with the club. Daniel follows as does Connel and Muller. Rhapsody tries to pounce the kobalid and it manages to dodge out of the way near the stairwell. Sheri and the others keep going down the hall. The kobalid dives down the stairs. Rhapsody follows and lands on the kobalid, killing it. Muller and Connel get the rifles, Connel tries to See through the door near the staris that they see before the group heads to the kitchen. Muller backs him up as he goes to listen at the door. He hears thumbping coming right at the door before it splinters open. Connel goes flying backwards, ass over teakettle. The ogre sized kobalid charges and trips over Connel. Rhapsody turns around and leaps forward, letting instinct take over to try and get the back of the neck, but the kobalid rolls out of the way. Muller spins and takes a double-taps, missing both times. Sheri pulls a Rhapsody to club the kobalid like a baby seal and connects, slamming it at the back of the head to where it’s stars and birds have stars and birds. The kobalid was in a study eating bodies. The group goes to the kitchen. Rhpaosy gets the door down towards the basement and they head down, Connel pausing to go back and grab a huge butcher knife. Rhaps leads, taking her sword to be at the ready. Rhaps gets to the bottom of the stairs, and there is a stonework narrow hall. At the end is a door on the left and right side. She senses something move from the left to the right. Rhaps has Sheri shine the light to the right. They go around and Rhaps sees at the opposite wall is a door that shuts as they approach. Rhaps opens the door and gets stabbed once by one of the spider critters, sensing enough to get out of the way of the second hit. Muller takes cover, shines a light and catches sight of a piece of it, enough to take shot. Rhaps tries to hit and barely misses. Sheri tries to hit and misses. Connel searches for it and doesn’t see anything. Daniel goes to secure the door. No one sees anything, but Daniel gets pounced as he is shoving the rifle in the door handle as a bar. His shield and armor take a good portion of the damage, but he’s also skewered. Rhaps is fast enough to go after the critter. It dodges, but it’s off Daniel The door shakes as Muller braces, and there are many voices in a cacophony beyond. Sheri spies it in the corner and hits with the second shot. It shrieks as the first shot richochets around the room and hits a bottle. Connel spots it and fires and makes it shriek as it falls into the wine rack. Rhapsody runs up and splits through the carapace and kills it. Muller rolls away from the door as the guardian comes in. Made up of bodies, it looks like a zombie millipede and lunges for Muller. It grabs her and yanks her into the darkness and there is a struggle and gunshots and screams. Rhaps goes after and misses on her attack. Sheri comes in and doubletaps, hitting with both shots. Connel comes up to join the shooting range, but it’s moved behind the crates. Daniel heals himself. Rhaps goes up to the crates and attacks. She misses as the zombipede as it splits into two segments. One left behind snatches rhaps and peels her arm like a banana. Sheri goes after it and calls down the holy fire. Conel goes and catches up to Rhaps and Sheri. Daniel goes up to Muller and does a little bit of healing. Muller passes out and Daniel looks at her. “Well, that’s what I was hoping to avoid…”
Rhaps stys where she is to heal some. Sheri guards Rhaps and Connel. Rhaps notices a crate being flung and yells move as she tries to push the two out of the way. They all get hit and are under the crate. Daneil runs up, sees everyone and hurls a soulfire at it. It goes after Daniel. Rhaps lifts the crate up and holds it, telling Connel and Sheri to go. Sheri scrambles out and goes to club the thing and whooshes as her leg gives out a bit. Connel slowly gets himself out. The zombiepede hits Daniel, but only backhanded him into a crate. Rhapsody gets out from the crate, grabs her sword and takes a swing, missing. Sheri raises the club and calls down holy fire and it collapses into ash. There is a hundredfold scream and the other heads to the group. It splits into four 12 body segments. Rhapsody summons kitties and gets four to come. Sheri leaps up onto the crates and the thing rises up and digs up under her armpits, scraping on bone and she survives but falls unconscious between Rhaps and Connel. Connel shoots at it with a doubletap and hits with the first one and misses with the second. Daniel tosses a soulfire and misses. Another segment comes over and hits Rhapsody. The kitties come into being. The one guarding Daniel runs up and slams into the segment, knocking it down and wrestling with it. Two go after the one that had hit Sheri and miss, as does Rhapsody and does Connel. The last kitty tackles Rhapsody’s attacker and knocsk behind crates. Daniel launches a soulfire at it and it doesn’t dodge, getting toasted, the energy cumulating and the creature explodes as do the other segments. At the back of the room is a blackened circle and a crack in floor where essence has pooled.

Session 41

Daniel waits to get his essence built back up as Rhapsody refortifies the door. Muller and Sheri are unconscious still. In the crates are jams and jellies and canned fruits. Connel comes over to Daniel and he can see that there is tainted energy flowing into the crack in the ground even without the guardian.

Connel found an old coal shoot on one of the walls and didn’t see or hear any zombies. Rhapsody goes to human form to crawl up to scout out the shoot. (whoo, the episode nude flash)

It is agreed that Daniel should see to healing first to see who they can get up and
around. He casts on Sheri first and is successful, and is also successful with Muller, though both are unconscious. Rhapsody shimmies up the coal shoot and gets to the door and tries it but finds it locked, probably padlocked from the outside. Hearing nothing outside, she slides back down and sees Connel reviving Muller and Sheri.

Muller is still out as Sheri is caught up by the others as to what happened. Rhapsody
goes to keep a watch on the fortifications. Muller wakes up in a little ball of pain and they also catch her up. Sheri sits with Daniel in the circle to work on healing endurance damage.

Sheri says, “Don’t think about the fact we have to do this three more times.”
And they banter about the occult and points of power. Daniel does some more healing.
As he tries to heal Connel, there is a magical backlash, which hurts Connel, causing the cop to lash out. Daniel tosses in the soulfire and there is an explosion of white light that shakes the house and pushes some of the crates back. Sheri gets hit on the head with a jar of canned peaches.

One of the support beams has cracked and a zombie falls down. Rhapsody squishes it
with a crate. She is handed a 12 gauge and heads up the shoot after squishing another
zombie. She shoots the door and weakens it enough to have killed the lock. She gets
out and keep swatch after telling the others to come up. Daniel follows and takes the
shotgun while Rhapsody helps folks out of the shoot.

Rhapsody uses her camouflage ability to scout down the alley some and sees zombies to
the south that are shuffling around. Daniel tosses on his hideaway spell and they head north down the alley. Four blocks up Daniel senses another one of the pulses coming from the north east.

As they get near to where the area where Muller sensed the survivor of the crash, they can see the glow of flames a bit in the distance. They consider the option of checking the crash site and decide to go on with their mission. Daniel puts up another hideaway on the group. The cemetery to the north is decided would make the most sense as the northern point. At the cemetery there are zombies around. They get into the graveyard and as Daniel is about to put another hideaway, there is a pulse from the building atop of the hill.

Sheri does another healing on herself as Daniel does another hideaway. They go slower
and in the parking lot, Rhapsody notices that there is a spider demon just above the
door with 30 zombies. They go around seeing if there is a storm cellar or another coal shoot. As they discuss how to get in, a child’s high voice is heard singing a church song. Rhapsody moves up and looks through the distorted stained glass window and sees that there are a couple of pews inside with a candle burning, in front of that is a girl in a Sunday’s best dress, playing with dolls, singing.

Rhapsody looks around and suddenly looks up and sees the little girl, kicking her feet, as she seems to be looking down at the group. The spider goes up to her and grabs its leg and lowers on the other side. They scout around and find a place in the chain link fence that’s pulled up enough to get out into the woods. In the woods is a house which Rhapsody scouts out and finds clear. They set up a ladder to get Connel and Muller to the roof.

Back at the chapel, they get into position to attack. Rhapsody attacks and lands a blow, knocking off the roof. Daniel lets off his soulfire and hits, finishing it off. Rhapsody grabs a zombie and throws it into another. Two zombies attack and she scoots out of the way. Muller takes a couple of shots into the crowd. Connel waits as the zombies turn in their direction. Rhapsody heads back towards the group and they lead the zombies in a chase. Muller and Connel keep the zombies’ attentions as the others head back to the chapel. Rhapsody opens the door and the little girl looks up with her dolls. On the back wall is a black hole with taint seeping into it.
“You should leave,” the girl says.
“Someone sunk our boat,” Daniel replies.
The girl stands up, “Last chance.” The girl turns to ash and heads for Daniel, trying to get into his mouth and nose.
Daniel’s shields help and it puffs around him. Rhapsody tries to claw at the dust, but nothing happens. Daniel goes for a shot at the crack. There is a green burst as the building shake. There is a ghostly, “NOOOOO!”

From the floor when the ghost is settling down, there are six forms coalescing of
ash and dust, looking squat and demonic. Benches and the floor start to smoke and

The girls’ face forms and goes after Rhapsody. She doesn’t dodge out of the way and
feels the dust and ash start to choke. She tries to Heimlich herself with a bench and
fails catastrophically, knocking out what air she had left and breathing in a bit more of the dust. Sheri takes out the club. Two ash demons leap out at her and she tries to dodge. She barely manages to dodge out of the way for the first blow and the second is also avoided. One lunges at Daniel and it’s evaded, a second attack is also. Two attack Rhapsody and she avoids them. Daniel tosses another soul fire at it. The building shrieks as do the demons.

Rhapsody’ belly burns some, and tries to hit her stomach again. But fails and flails.
Sheri calls down holy fire and hits Rhapsody, but the ash flies out of her. Sheri dodges one ash demon but not the other. One behind Daniel tries to piggy back him for
a grapple and misses as the one in front takes two swings and misses both times.
Rhapsody dodges three blows and gets hit with the second of the second ash demons.
Daniel launches another soulfire to the hole again, causing more debris to rain down.
Ashley flies up in the air and goes after Sheri. Rhapsody uses the pew to bat at an
ash demon and knocks it into the wall. Sheri attacks an ash demon with spiffy club
and disintegrates it against the wall. The ash demons go after Daniel, the first one
misses, the second hits and washes on the shield some, the third lands squarely, fourth is dodged and the last one does hit but the armors take the damage. Daniel fires his shotgun.

Ashley chokes Sheri. Rhapsody kills one ash demon and misses a second. Sheri goes
after an ash demon and hits, dusting it. Daniel dodges one hit from a demon, the
second hits and gets through the last of the armor, the third also punches through and causes Daniel to fall limp and unconscious. Ashley continues to choke Sheri. Rhapsody knocks off two more ash demons. Sheri tries to club the last demon and it dodges out of the way. The demon turns and attacks Rhapsody who dodges. Sheri remains
conscious. Rhapsody summons tigers. Sheri does a mind scream as she drops the club
and feels her scream inside her and Sheri vomits ashes to the ground.

Ashley half forms is on the ground and crawls under one of the benches. Rhapsody
launches off a pew and smacks the hole with the spiffy club, the hole explodes and the tiger goes flying backwards. The girl rises into the air and disintegrates into ash and dust. Sheri still vomits out ashen and blood. Rhapsody picks up Sheri and Daniel and has her tigers do hit and runs as she moves forward to get to the house. One tiger is downed. Rhapsody gets over the fence and goes for the house. She tries to leap up and misses. A zombie lunges after and the tiger intercepts. Rhapsody leaps up and gets help up. Sheri’s holy strength fades out but she survives, but goes unconscious.

Session Noted Continued 31-34

Session 31

Daniel asks Pukwudgi if he goes off to the spirit world. The spirit warns that if Sheri calls out to him, Fiachra might hear that too. Rhapsody gives Puk a pouch of loose Native Spirit tobacco, which amuses him before he leaves.

Connel asks some probing questions as he tries to figure out the plan against Fiachra. Daniel calls up Gwyddion to see if it's possible to fake a key.

When asking about the book, Gwyddion mentions the sorcerers that Fiachra had sent out. They were followed to the former Soviet Union and found notes the same as from the book for another summoning. He's trying to bring more of his guardians to this plane. Some sort of wyrms.

They head back into town and drop Connell off to go meet up with the rest of the Underground, then head to Roland's to return the car. During dinner, Roland doesn't offer any more help, but as the group is still needing wheels, he offers the Escalade to them.

The following morning, the group drives into town and coordinate for Gywddion to meet Connell. They meet at the Super 6 and discuss plans. Pukwudji appears and volunteers to take the book to the Elk Brother's lodge to keep hidden and safe.

They go to the cave and Gwyddion's soldiers unpack all manner of impressive ordinance. All of the bullets are silver and they all head out into the spirit cave with Sheri and Pukwudgi leading towards the lodge. Outside the lodge one of the brothers is watching. He nods in approval to Sheri.

Sheri asks if they may hide the book in the lodge. The Elk Brother agrees to do this and he will keep it safe.

Pukwudgi leads the way to the wolf lords, decked out in a WWII army helmet and his face painted in camouflage.

They get into the Wolf Clan's territory. Pukwudgi has his costume put away and warns that they go in quietly. Wolves shadow their progress in the trees and they make their way to the dens. The Wolf Lord walks out and acknowledges Sheri.

He calls out Otome as Sheri confirms that they are on their warpath. The Fox Woman knows of a better place and Pukwudgi says he can take them.

The group on the physical side drive to the meeting spot to find Pukwudgi who takes them nearer the gate.

On an idea from Gwyddion, Daniel wings a 'circle of destruction' as if they are going to try and destroy the book.

Daniel puts an essence shield on Rhapsody to help insulate her against Fiachra's will. After an hour, they put the book away.

After a while, Otome comes out and says that the others are on the other side of the gate.

Hours pass and Daniel senses a disturbance in the forest. It stops after a few moments and 15 minutes past, and she begins to smell ferals but Fiachra she does not.

Daniel calls out, "Fiachra."

No answer. There is the snapping of branches and Gregor steps out of the trees, dressed.

Gwyiddion throws his hand down to the dirt and there's a rippling force that blows into the ferals as the energy hits them. He mutters some incatation and he's holding a crystal and a wind comes out of no where. A wave of wind lifts the group up.

They are 20 feet up. The first rank of ferals is still down, the second rank is coming in and Gwyddion opens up with his gun. Daniel put up a shield, Rhapsody summoned kitties. Sonja also opens fire.

Pukwudgi runs by Sheri, yelling, "It's time, it's time!"

They go through, Sheri going in the middle of the group.

Gregor sees the tigers and heads for cover. He jumps onto a boulder, turns and gets ready to meet the tigers. Two meet him this turn. One goes high, one goes low, but he manages to dodge out of the way.

Gwydion makes a feral explode as it leaps up and he shoots it.

Jerry, the heavy gunner, sprays the area. The soldiers spread out and take cover. Two wolven ferals go for sheri's team at their back. A couple soldiers fire. One is hit and the other manages to duck out of the way.

Sheri takes aim to fire. The first shot wounds for a glancing hit. The second hits more solidly.

The feral gets in close, and is about to jump one of the ones that shot him and is levitated upwards. In his hands are guns and he fires.

Connel also fires from where he's at.

Daniel is trying to find Fiachra. He scans where he can and can tell there is more than the 30 back in the woods.

The ferals start to retreat.

The kitties attack Gregor and only one manages to get a hit. He attacks the cats and manages to kill one.

Gwyddion tossed out another grenade and blew up a tree a feral ducked behind.

Ramirez fires at the one he holds aloft and shatters its head.

Sheri fires one carefully aimed shot at a Feral and hits it, dropping it.

Daniel scans for Fiachra. There is a flash of memory of him flying waving into existence down at the middle of the tornado.


Session 32

Daniel sees Fiacra coming down with three other winged things. Fiacra swoops down and tries to grab hold of Daniel who tries to dodge, and the wind is knocked out of him as he's snatched.

Unable to do anything else, Rhapsody readies her club for the flying raptor females should they near. As for her cats, the one wounded is killed, while two of the others rip into Gregor and take him down.

Sheri is keeping the area covered and hears as Sonja gives out a strangle cry as she's ripped into by one of the raptor women.

One of the other raptors flies after Connel, but Rhapsody intercepts with the club, taking in the torso, and still tries to reach out for Connel. She misses the cop and gets caught into the whirlwind. The Feral is whirled around and then slammed into the ground.

The third bird goes for Gwyddion and he dodges. He notices Daniel is gone and takes a couple of shots at Fiacra, missing.

Sheri takes a shot at the bird on Sonja, but misses and hits Sonja's body. Two of the other soldiers ready weapons, one taking a shot the other pulling his sword. The one misses and the other advances.

"Where is the book?" Fiachra demands, "Tell me now or I'll rip your arms from their sockets."

"Over there!"

"Where, I don't sense it."

Daniel soulfires. "Not my fault you can't sense anything." The spell fizzles.

Connel shoots at the one that attacked him with a silver slug filled shotgun and hits.

Gwyddion says, "You might want to hold on, I'm going to send this after Fiachra, without us." He mutters in what sounds like Gaelic and there seem to be blue lights in the wind like eyes and are set down. A vaguely birdlike form of wind, dust and leaves head after Fiachra and Daniel.

Rhapsody goes to tear apart the raptor and the kitties rend Gregor.

"Where did you send it?" Fiachra demands and shifts to take hold of Daniel's arms and starts to pull.

Daniel looks up and sees energy around Fiacra and doesn't say anything as he starts to tear his arms. He starts to channel essence out of instinct, but doesn't cast anything.

Connel takes a shot at the other raptor that's fleeing and misses.

Sheri sees the raptor turning her attention on her and she takes another careful shot and the bird manages to dodge. It gets about 12 feet up and it's telekinetically thrown into a tree. Gunfire erupts after the bird and it tries to dodge out of the way. It gains its feet and tucks its wings in as she books it through the trees.

Otome runs to the group. "Someone has followed Pukwudgi through the portal. Something with power."

Fiachra threatens Daniel again and he just says that he already told him. He starts to pull and then they are rocked by a blast of cold air. Daniel blacks out for a couple seconds and he sees he's plummeting to the trees. He manages to get his levitate spell off and slows his fall to a drift. He manages to see Fiachra wrestling with something as he falls into the treetops and howls.

Rhapsody goes after where Fiachra and two of Gwyddion's men to go on ahead, the tigers following. Ramirez and Mulder volunteer to go after Pukwudji and they go with Otome.

The others go after Fiachra.

Rhapsody smells a Fiachra beast and is ready as it and another leaps out. She meets one and sends the kitties after the other. She uses the club and it cracks its neck and sends it to the ground. The kitties goes after the others and it bulls through them, then tries to grab one, but it dodges.

The two Atlantean warriors come up and aim, but don't shoot yet.

"Watch the treeline!" and four Ferals start to pour out of the trees.

Rhapsody goes after the beast and misses as do all but one of her kitties.

Sheri shoots at the nearest Feral and it dodges out of the way.

Daniel hears Fiachra roar and the elemental vault up into the sky. The group hears Gwyddion speaking under his breath in Gaelic.

The trees and brush get trampled towards Daniel.

The other three Ferals and close with the warriors. One goes after Connel, one after Rhapsody and one after Sheri. Sheri gets hit, but her armor takes the damage. Sheri is only knocked back. Connel gets hit and swats him with a claw. Connel is knocked unconscious, gravely wounded. The one after Rhapsody misses.

The beast goes after Gwyddion and he rolls out of the way.

The others let loose. The beast gets riddled with bullets but is still on its feet. The Feral that hit Connel takes a round in the chest and flies back.

Daniel stumbles towards the gunfire as he uses his essence to use hideaway.

Rhapsody slams the club in the head, killing it. She looks to the Feral and asks, "Ready?" as the tigers attack. The first one misses, the second hits and the third kills the wolf.

Daniel still hears the crashing of a tree limb behind him and sees Fiachra. H reaches down to feel the ground. "I know you're here." He lokos around. "Your trail ends here." He starts to smash trees around the area.

Daniel channels and tries to keep out of the way of the raging Balial

Sheri summons her holy strength letting the thing attack her, drawing her kukri for a parry.

The Atlanteans pulls swords to defend. One of them does go down under a Feral. One Atlantean knocks down the Feral. The other wolf goes after Sheri and she parries and takes off an arm.

Rhapsody walks over and rips the Feral's leg off that was after Sheri. The two kitties after the Fiachra beast miss. The other kitty leaps onto the other Feral from the back and knocks him down.

Fiachra slams more trees and goes up then gets slammed into by the elemental again.

Atlanteans gang up on the beast and take it down. And Stumpy is taken down.

Sheri stablizes Connel and carries him. Two kitties guard the two.

Daniel casts a healing but it fails as he maintains his hideaway.

The group gets to the ravine and Rhapsody uses her camoflague ability and heads off on her own, leaving the cats guarding Connel, Sheri and Gwyddion.

Fiachra has quieted and gone up the ravine.

Rhapsody, ahead of the others, smells then sees two Ferals guarding the passage up the side Fiachra went. She stealths forward to attack position.

Daniel channels to cast his healing.

Rhapsody gets to see into the clearing and there is Fiachra talking to other Ferals. They spread out and she heads back to report to Gwyddion.

Daniel having his presence of mind restored as the pain fades some, he works on dismissing the essence of his failed casting. He sees several shapes run by him in the woods, bent over large wolf like forms.

Rhapsody gets to where she smells the group of Ferals and moves around them, though she will reach the others at the same time as the wolves. She bellows, "INCOMING," then attacks as the pack starts to split off to surround the Atlanteans. She cracks an arm of the wolf with the club.

Sheri sees the one attacked by Rhapsody and sets the cop down.

Two of the warriors aim at the one Rhapsody hit and fire with their assault rifles, they hit and it falls.

The Ferals jump out of the trees and attack. Three go after the kitties, the first two miss, the third is hit with the second attack and kills the one guarding Gwyddion. Another Feral goes after a tiger and kills it. Feral attacks an Atlantean and removes an arm. A Feral kills the last kitty and the last Feral goes after a warrior. The warrior sees it coming and tries to parry, but fails., almost losing a leg, but dodges the last strike.

Armless misses a shot at the Feral. Legoless takes a swipe with his sword but misses. One goes to the aid of Legoless and hits with his sword, but only nicks him. Another warrior attacks the one after Armless and hits, doing a good amount of damage.

Gwyddion attacks the one that took out a tiger and misses.

Daniel drops his hideaway and works on healing and manages fix more of the damage.

Rhapsody goes to the next Feral and bashes him in skull, caving his head in.

Legolass misses. Armless strikes and also misses. One of the warriors with Legolass hits and drops him with evisceration. One over Armless misses. Last guy goes after one and just barely misses.

Gwyddion attacks twice the first striking a leg, and the second hits through the knee and sticks in through the shoulder and to the chest.

First feral goes after one of the unwounded warriors and dodges out of the way. Secodn one goes with two attacks, the warrior parries cutting into the Feral's arm. The wolf still goes with the second attack and hits, and takes out an Arm. Feral goes after Gwyddion and his leg and cripples him. The last Feral goes after one of the uninjured warriors with two attacks. And he dodges out of the way of both strikes.

Sheri goes after the nearest feral and misses.

Daniel works on healing.

Rhapsody goes up and bashes another one in the head.

Sheri goes to the nearest to slice and dice. She hits and cuts it in face, severing the lower jaw almost completely off.

The Feral with the crippled leg goes after Gwyddion and is parried, getting it's arm severed. The one Rhapsody bashed goes after her and totally misses her as he attacks the wrong one. The jawdropped one goes after Sheri and is parried, taking it's arm off and finishes it off. The undamaged one goes after the warrior and missed.

Daniel finishes healing himself.

Armless relieves a Feral of his leg. One of the undamaged one goes after the same Feral and hits, taking an arm.

Sheri goes to help Gwyddion and misses.

Rhapsody kills the Feral with the brain damage.

The Atltanteans, first misses, the second, misses, the third hits and kills it. And the last Feral is put down.

Daniel catches up to the group.


Session 33

Heavy Machine gunner - Fallon

Gwyddion has Fallon prepare the machine gun.

Daniel has Sheri and Gwyddion make in a circle with him after drawing one around the unconscious Connel.

Once Connel is up, Rhapsody heads out to check on Fiacra and Daniel works on healing Gwyddion.

Rhapsody gets to the edge of the clearing and sees that Fiacra is in his beast form.

"I smell you, Rhapsody. My patience is not endless. Bring your worst."

"Right, be back."

Daniel finishes healing who he can, and expounds on Fiacra's shield.

Connel says he had a vision of Rhapsody killing Gwyddion and Sheri.

That pauses the group and they discuss the vision. Rhapsody is going to be more aware of her amulet.

Donovan steps into the trees and fires the rocket launcher. Shields flare and Fiacra challenges which is denied as Fallon opens fire.

A veil is lifted and there are Ferals, around 30 of them, bears, wolves and other animals, as well as woolly mammoth Fiacra beasts and an Oriental woman who had dropped the veil.

"You had your chance, now you will die. Kill them."

The horde charges.

As they are prepared for the fight, there are huge wolves behind them, bear headed Natives with the Elk Brothers, cries from above.

"We are here, Drum Sister."

The Wolf Lord and his pack leap over the group and head to engage as the eagles are striking from above.

Sheri calls forth Holy Fire on Fiacra. Lightning and fire rain down and crunch at one of his wings. Rhapsody summons four kitties to protect Sheri, Connel and Gwyddion, even against her. Wolves meet Ferals and the Wolf Lord battles a Bear Feral. The sorceress gets ready to cast. The ground begins to rumble underneath everyone. Daniel moves a little ways to get to more stable ground as he keeps channeling. Connell gets a blade from Donovan and starts heading towards Fiacra and the sorceress.

The group starts to advance with the Elk Brothers. Rhapsody tells the Native spirits that if she attacks their Drum Sister to put her down. Rhapsody is in front. A bear Feral is launching himself at Rhapsody as a mammoth beast is lumbering between the group and Fiacra. Atilita, the eagles, is attacking the beast. Rhapsody gets ready to hit the bear coming at her and hits him, the Feral not moving quite fast enough out of the way, but still tries to take a bite out of her, missing spectacularly. Daniel launches his soulfire at the sorceress and misses just ever so barely. The sorceress casts and jumps off the ledge, fading away. One of the wolves of the Wolf Lord flies near the group, blood pouring out and is then still.

Fiacra's wing looks healed. The other guardian beast takes one of the Elk Brother's spears about 3 feet into its neck. It snaps it as it takes it mostly out. Sheri goes after the bear and hits with a decent slice, taking off an ear. A wolf Feral comes in from the right and meets it with his blade, he slices across the chest and then stabs into the Feral. The wolf attacks and misses. The kitty latches onto the neck and shakes, killing the wolf. Connel Sees that a blast of energy from the side near some rocks and hit Daniel and warns him.

One of the guardian beasts advances to where it will be near Rhapsody. Rhapsody turns to the bear and rips its head off, then throws it at Fiacra. Two cat Ferals rush the line from the left and Donovan and Fallon both meet them. Sheri goes after the Ferals attacking Gwyddion's boys and hits. The Guardian Beast rears up and its tentacles shoot out towards the group, one going for Rhapsody, she manages to parry. The other tentacle goes after Donavan who manages to get out of the way. Conell tries to get a vision of the witchy poo, not getting anything new. Daniel soulfires at the other beastie and hits, doing some damage to it, making the tentacle that was hit fall to the side and spasm. One of the Elk Brothers leaps and lands on the chest on the Guardian beast and uses his antlers to gouge at it.

The Wolf Lord is surrounded by four Ferals, he spins with his spear and yells out a war cry. He hits one wolf feral across the jaw. The Feral turns into a naked person, falls and then runs away. Sheri goes after the mammoth and hits, deep into the leg and it comes down onto its leg, the appendage crippled. Rhapsody tries for a head shot as it falls down, and misses at the last second, the tiger getting out of the way of the tusk that came after her. Gwyddion helps Fallon and Donovan against their Feral, lopping the head off. The Guardian beast tries to munch Rhapsody and hits, it shakes its head and Rhaps is injured, but not down. One tentacle goes for Sheri, the other for Connel. Sheri dodges out of the way and her guardian kitty attacks, grabs a tentacle and rips it off. The other tentacle attacks Connel and he dodges. Connel's kitty pounces misses. Rhapsody sees four figures join Fiacra up on the rock. He turns and talks to them. Rhapsody recognizes him. He has two women with him and one man. They all have trenches on. The man turns to her and smiles. It's Loknath, the one who killed her family and turned Rhaps into a Feral. Daniel soul fires the other beastie and hits, under the chin and into its face. Atilita takes advantage. She puts her talons to the tusks and flips it over to its side. Connel tries to go for the heart of the beast and pulls back as he swings. A soulfire comes at Daniel from the boulders and he manages to get out of the way.

Quick look around shows good guys vs bad guys is pretty even. The Elk Brother notices that Rhapsody and her tigers are heading towards Fiachra, though specifically at Loknath.

Loknath, points and eight more tigers come out and head for Rhapsody's tigers.

The beastie goes to chomp Gwyddion, and hits, picking him up off the ground and shakes him, then flings him away.

Donovan and Fallon yell for Gwyddion, as a tentacle clamps onto Donovan, yanking him into the air with one arm pinned. The other tentacle goes after an Elk Brother and is hit.

Sheri goes after the mammoth in the neck. Connel goes to help Sheri and just gets a glancing blow, not getting through the fur. Daniel also goes to stab the mammoth and hits, managing to bleed it some.

Rhapsody is still going after Loknath. She kills both tigers she aims for. Two of her kitties kill Loknath's that they are facing.

Donavan tries to break free, and is whipped around. Fallon jumps up to try and sever the tentacle and misses. Sheri tries to carve mammoth again and is nudged back a little. Daniel attacks and misses. The evil kitties miss one and kill another. The other two go after Rhapsody and she bonks it on the head. The other kitty does slash her.

Loknath and the others throw off their trenchcoats and transform, him being the largest tiger they've seen.

Donovan goes into the critter's maw, head and shoulders go in, the rest come back out ripped. Fallon goes berserk. The tentacle goes for Sheri and hits, getting a hold of her and lifting her up into the air. A soulfire is launched at Daniel and he scrambles out of the way.

One of the Elk brothers is brought down by three Ferals. He comes up, heavily wounded. He spins around and guts one, but is not looking so good. Connel goes to attack the mammoth and manages to stab it up in through the jaw, as it comes down at him and the blade slices the brainpan. Sheri is flung out and over the battle, landing opposite Gwyddion. She hits the back of a bear Feral, knocking him off balance.

Atalita, done with the critter, goes after the sorceress. Sheri attacks the Feral that she landed on and misses. Rhapsody kills one of the evil kitties and misses the other. Her kitties kill all but one. Fallon runs up with Daniel behind Rhapsody. Evil kitty attacks Rhaps and is rent. The other kitty misses its target. The other tigers and Loknath are spreading out and approaching, but waiting for Rhaps to finish.

In her mind, Rhapsody hears Fiacra says, "This is your last chance Rhapsody, surrender to me join me and I will slay him for you. He won't even see it coming."

Rhapsody replies with a one fingered salute.

One of the Elk Brothers goes down, the other lowers its head and charges the bear Feral attacking Sheri, and sticks it with the antlers, then flings him. Bear hits the ground, mauled, one paw useless.

Rhapsody kills the last evil spirit kitty. Her kitties go after Loknath but are intercepted and are destroyed. The other tigers jump out at Rhapsody. Rhapsody parries one and slices the Feral, taking away its arm. It falls and rolls to the side. The second Feral slices at Rhapsody, and the third she blocks.

Fallon takes a stab at one of the ones standing and hits with a low jab in the torso. Sheri huffs her way towards the group. Daniel soulfires at the one Fallon hit for a little damage, singing him. Connel attacks the same one, but it manages to dodge out of the way.

Sheri sees that the good guys have won out in the major battle, with extremely heavy losses. The Wolf Lord has a shredded arm as he's on the ground on his knees. Naked humans are slinking away. Two Bear Brothers are still standing, Elk Brother is standing, the other having disappeared. Atalita and the eagles are not to be seen.

Rhapsody attacks the Feral in front of her and though she tries to block, RHaps takes out her heart and throws it at Loknath. Sheri attacked and barely misses. The one that is surrounded lashes out at Connel and he's hit and goes partially through the armor for a good gash. Fallon chops through the shoulder to the sternum and the Feral falls to the ground. Daniel comes up short and assesses the situation. Connel lops the head off the one Rhapsody removed the arm from.


Session 34

Fiacra spreads his wings and tentacles sprout out from under the wings. They shoot out, striking at Elk Brother, but it is easily sidestepped. Rhapsody attacks Locknath and swings with her club, missing, then barely misses with her claw. Elk Brother launches his spear at Fiachra, who bats it out of the air with one of his tentacles. Sheri calls for the Holy Fire on Fiachra, the drums loud in her ears. The lightning strikes Fiachra, and he looks over at Sheri. Locknath attacks with the sword and misses both times as well. Connell tries to hit Locknath and is easily dodged. Daniel goes to attack Locknaht with the dagger and he hits. The Wolf Lord jumps in and attacks Fiachra, one of the tentacles picks him up and throws him off.

"know that when I kill your allies, they are gone for good," Fiachra says both vocally and mentally.

Fallon rushes in and take on Locknath, but is dodged.

Rhaposdy, with a small request for help from her murdered family, embeds the club into Locknath's side, and misses with her claw hit. Sheri lets loose with a Mind Scream against Locknath and it gets through his defenses. Fiacra sees Locknath get hammered and heads towards the group. He launches a tentacle at Sheri, and she dodges out of the way. He uses two claws against Rhapsody and connects, the blow knocking her unconscious. His other claw is redirected to Fallon and severs him in two. Connel still goes after Locknath and misses. Elk Brother comes up fvom behind and gores Fiachra with his antlers. Fiachra is then attacked by Wolf Lord and bites into the side of the Balial. Daniel hadokens Fiachra and hits, then he steps to be shielding Rhapsody. Fiachra is staggered and he's trying to get rid of the Wolf Lord still on his back.

Fiachra tries to get rid of Wolf Lord with his tentacles and the Wolf Lord dodges the hits and is still is latched on. He then chomps Elk Brother and crunches into the shoulder and is flung into the cliff and lands. Sheri tries her Mind Scream at Fiachra and it doesn't get through. Wolf Lord pulls himself up a bit and tries to chomp down on Fiachra's neck and he clamps on. Fiachra visibly goes limp for a moment as the tentacles fall in that time as his neck is torn into. Daniel fires a soulfire but it's dodged. Locknath drops his sword, and goes as near to full tiger and starts to run away. Connel changes targets and attacks Fiachra but doesn't quite get there.

Fiachra's claws rip into the Wolf Lord and he is flung into the cliff. There is an audible snap and disintegrates as he hits the rocks at the bse of the cliff. The remaining Elk Brother gets to his feet and yells in anguish. The Elk, looking more bestial, leaps up and charges at Fiachra, the tentacles tripped him up and he slides to the side. Sheri attacks Fiachra and hits, sinking the whole of her kukri into the back of her neck. Fiachra screams, the tentacles whipping around, knocking Daniel off his feet. Connel goes to club on the head of Fiachra. Daniel calls for Hashunka.

There is an eagle's cry and a firebird appears. She lands on the clifftop and transforms into her 'human' guise. "I sense my daughter, is she well here?"

Hashunka helps Elk Brother to his feet. She transforms into her winged form, picks up Fiachra and flies off with him.

Rhapsody wakes and looks around as much as she can and says, "Shit."

Daniel goes to look for Adelita.

The others look for survivors. Gwyddion is dead.

Further down the ravine is a rockslide, Daneil senses her in the rockslide. Adelita calls for Daniel. He manages to get the rocks off her and get her out. Underneath is also a leg and hand of the sorceress. Daneil heals Adelita.

Connell and Sheri make a triage to get the injured former Ferals tended to. Rhapsody looks for Locknath and starts tracking him.

Sheri goes over to where Elk Brother is drumming, he's near the spot where Wolf Lord was killed. Other spirits are also gathering around him.

Rhapsody follows the trail of blood through the woods and it leads to the cliff ledge and it disappears. She heads back towards the group.

Connel went to get a cell phone to get help for the survivors, and also broke the news to the surviving team.

Rhapsody, while heading back, sees a survivor and keeps going. She gets to her clothes and goes to track survivors.

Ashley gets the truck and they start hauling the dead elves and it takes them the rest of the night.

They have the funeral service for the elves, then get back towards the Escalade and head towards the entrance to the Elk Brother's lodge. They go through the cave and there is smoke from the lodge and there is flute music comeing from inside. Pukwudji is sitting inside, Muller's arm is bandaged up.

The book is safe, thanks in part to the two Underground members. It was one of the eagle women harpies who had great magic with her.

They leave the book behind with the Elk Brother.

They head to the Oracle and hike up. As they get near they hear voices. Rhapsody goes on a head and finds a little two man tent by the remains of a fire. The pair continue to talk about what's going on and finally Rhapsody speaks up startling them.

They promise to take the pair out after they rest. They talk to the oracle and find out there is nothing new to be reported other than Fiachra is bound.

After sleeping a whole day, theyhead out. Rhapsody takes the 'scenic' route so that the couple doesn't know where exactly the pool was.

On the radio report is about an 'alternative religion' who was trying to get more members with torture, drugs and other methods.

"great, Dirty Sherri."

Connel heads to the Underground base.