Friday, August 15, 2014

Multi Session Update 55-57

Session 55
As the group quickly and quietly debates what to do, Ashley scours the room more carefully, and finds a catch in the wall that when pulled, reveals a small pedestal. On the pedestal is a leather bound tome, edged in silver and gold and covered in flowing Atlantean runes.

Once more Sek-Thul calls out, claiming diminishing patience and threatening violence to Kathryn. Rhapsody points out that they don't know if the book is what he wants, but no one doubts it too much. Sheri chimes in with an idea that has been stirring. She points out to the others that Kathryn may be far more important than she seems. Daniel stuffs the book in her backpack with some bit of care and heads toward the top of the landing, the others following.

Below in the main hall, Sek-Thul calmly waits. Kathryn is tied and on her knees, held at knife point by three Fomor goons.

Sheri steps forward and talks to Sek-Thul, trying to point out that Kathryn may be their only ticket out of the plane. The Fomori sorcerer scoffs at this and demands they hand over "the book," thereby revealing that he had more knowledge of what they were after than the group.

Daniel tries claiming they don't have it, but Sek-Thul calls his bluff. Weighing their choices, he shrugs and moves toward Rhaps.

All the while, Connel's corpse-fiend has been hiding in the shadows and tailing the group, somehow drawn to less violent thoughts by their presence, but unable to articulate his feelings enough to reveal himself. Seeing the woman being held prisoner, he quite suddenly emerges from the shadows by the great doors and rushes the Fomori thugs, he knocks one aside and wrestles with the other two, nearly freeing Kathryn, but he's kicked backward and wrestled to the ground.

Sek-Thul grabs the knife and pushes the blade a little bit into Kathryn's neck, screaming, "Your time is up! Give up the book or I will kill this bitch and take it from you anyway!"

Rhapsody is ready to turn and leave as Daniel stays her with a hand, and takes the book from her backpack. As Connel, continues to struggle, Daniel tosses the book to Sek-Thul, who grabs it out of the air with a triumphant smile on his face.

"Now hand over the woman, she is of no concern to you," Daniel demands.

The sorcerer briefly considers her tattered appearance once more, then tosses her roughly to the bottom of the steps. His men do the same with Connel, who almost turns on them again, but instead waits on the steps near Kathryn.

Rhapsody and Malek watch the Fomoris depart, and even without her inner tiger, there's a feral gleam in Rhap's eyes, promising payback.

While Thomas and Malek look after Kathryn, and Connel keeps to himself in the shadows nearby, watching through a window as Sek-thul and his thugs enter the forest below, the others make a search of the rest of the structure, eventually finding a room at the center of the keep that resembles a holy temple, complete with golden light spearing through a stained glass window and illuminating a circle of space in the center, no more than five feet wide.

Sheri enters the light, and feels instantly at peace and restored. She also feels certain that her hunch about Kathryn is correct. Wasting little time, she brings the woman to the temple.

In the meantime, Connel finds his way into the chamber and also steps into the light. While his body is unchanged, the hatred and hunger instantly vanishes, and he feels fully himself once more.

For her part, Kathryn is reluctant. She keeps mumbling about not wanting to go, and crying that there is too much pain, too much suffering. Eventually, through equal parts persuasion and strength, they get her into the light.

Immediately she drops to her knees and goes still. Over the next several moments they all witness her wounds heal and her clothes mend. She doesn't so much grow younger, as grow more beautiful, Before long, a radiant Atlantean woman, tall and in pale dress, more graceful then anything they have seen, stands before them.

"I am... restored."

Thomas falls to his knees at once, whispering, "My Queen."

"I have in my past been a Princess, but never a Queen, and not long ago, I was a simple, hungry woman whom you fed. Rise Thomas, and take my thanks."

When they can speak, Rhapsody does so first, "Are you the Mother?"

"I am Dana De Atl, Once Princess of Atlantis, but aye, I am called Mother by my kin, and many others besides.

Daniel says, "We gave away the book. How do we stop the Balial?"

"The book was written by wise and powerful men, and contains much that would have aided you, but those secrets must be ferreted out. I can awaken within your mind the knowledge that you need to stop the Balial."

With a touch upon his head, she imbues Daniel with the knowledge needed to cast the spells of awakening upon the Voice. With her full oracular abilities, she will guide them to the Balial.

Next she summons up a beautiful orichalcum sword, handing it to the group. "This blade was forged by Lir, father to Mannanan, he of the nine waves. It is to be given to the right person at the right time, as the Voice commands."
Lastly, she lays a blessing on the hands of all present, stating, "Whosoever you strike with weapon or hand will feel my touch upon them, my wrath upon enemies of life, my curse upon the Balial and those who serve them. This I do in partial payment of my debt to you. May it serve you well in your trials to come."

When the meeting is over, she transports them all back to the beach, just before the portal in the waves. They say their goodbyes to Thomas, thanking him for his help and wishing the best. When they step through, they find themselves in a natural cavern. Connel is back to normal, and Rhaps quickly realizes she is no longer pregnant.

A tour group passes nearby, walking a cement path. They make their way out and realize they are at the Marble Arch Caverns in Enniskillan. Ashley calls for a car and they soon meet up with Madden. When told of their encounter with the Mother, his last reservations seem to die away completely. He informs them that anyone with the Sight will instantly know them for enemies of the Balial now, with the Mother's blessing on them.

He informs the group that they have been gone for nearly three weeks. In that time, the Fomori have met with a Dragon in Italy, though the details of the meeting are unknown.

Malek makes his departure from the group, stating a need to report to his council on the momentous events. He gives the group his contact information and makes them promise to keep him informed, offering the chance of aid should they need it.

They fly back to the states, making calls to Ramirez and Muller to check on activity while they were gone. The Balial were quiet. Chereshe was somewhere in Europe but returned three days ago. Loknash has consolidated his power among the local Wereclans.

Daniel tells them of the Fomori and their meeting with a Dragon in Italy.

Ramirez gives them a government suburban. Ashley leaves to check on her crew.

The group immediately drives/hikes to Jenny's Pool, after calling to check on things with Amy. Amy says they two others in her coven have been busy cleansing the area and things have been peaceful. She hasn't been to the sight in several days, but her wards have been calm.

Upon arriving, they find the place calm, but empty. There is no sign of the coven members, or of Jenny. Daniel sees that the coven wards are in place. After searching the area, Rhapsody finds some trace of the stink of undeath.

With nothing else to do, Daniel explores the pool and sticks his head through the portal at the bottom of the pond. It appears to link to a water plane.

He goes through with Rhapsody, and together they swim to a single, nearby rock island, not very big. Searching for signs, they find cursory amounts of blood and several triangular scales. Rhapsody smells serpent.

Session 56 (Abbreviated.)

Launch rescue expedition into Water Plane. Adelita brings them and their gear through. Jungle Island. Rivers Flowing to center. Zodiac trip. Attacked by Water Weird. Adelita weakened. Led by Ra'eed the otter elemental. Find tribe of Aqualings led by a fat old Goblin named Gorgometh.

Session 57
The group rested at Gorgometh's cave. He was interested in the spear Connell had and showed him and Rhapsody his flechette gun and the 'coffee grinder' that made the flechettes. There was no trade, though both Connell and Rhaps liked the gun.
Daniel traded showing the Mother's sword to Gorgometh in exchange for

The Master's name is Dracis'Kal
Draconic magic is all about names.
Dracis is kin and an emissary of a true dragon (Voliss)
Gorgometh doesn't know how or if they are aligned with the Atlanteans
Dracis has modern mercenaries as retainers

Daniel shows the Mothers sword to Gorgometh. The blade is made of orichalcum
Gorgometh is given some explanation about the Atlanteans. He offers a veiling for the sword in the form of a leather band.

The group heads towards the vortex, the otter spirit leading the way. They get to a bridge and the otter is last seen playing in the water as he swims along the bridge, then vanishes. A huge serpent attacks and knocks most of the group into the water. After her attack with Locnath's sword, Rhaps is flung into a tree. Eventually, the serpent is driven away.

After regrouping, the party continues to cross along the bridge . In the mist is a figure, who surrenders to the very surprised party, and claims to be in the party's debt as his guardian is vanquished and the otter was eaten by said guardian. He is Dracis'Kal and he leads the group into his villa.

Dracis claims to have rescued Jenny and leads the group to her. She confirms the rescue. Jenny and Adelita introduce themselves to each other. The group are invited to dinner and given rooms to rest and freshen up.

At dinner, Dracis tells the group:
Voliss is as old as the Atlanteans
Voliss has Lasitide's key
Voliss wants the spear of St. George
During the negotiations of the Spear for the key, Voliss found out about the attack on Jenny, which is how Dracis was able to rescue her.
Chereshe knows of Jenny's grotto. She was rescued 5 days ago. The group works out a list of suspects.
Dracis would like to help more, but is banned by a set of rules Chereshe has invoked. He suggests that the group looks for spear to trade with Voliss.

Jenny states she's not so sure that she wants to be the Voice and have all her powers. Having had time away from her pool, she's become more Jenny the human, rather than the voice of Amphetrite.