Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Session 51 "A Three Hour Tour"

Ashley had taken two bullets during the shoot out with the redcaps and is down.  Connell takes over ‘driving’ the ship.  Rhapsody works on bailing out water and sees the albatross to have Connell steer that way.  Connell sees a steady flashing light.  He turns the boat towards the light and the engine sputters out.

Sheri ties a rope to Rhapsody who goes out to the front of the boat to check out the compartments and finds 2 gallons of oil.  She takes it back towards the engine.  Sheri, with a charged prayer to the maker(s) gets the oil in and manages to get the engine started again.  They ride the waves onto a beach.  Gathering everyone, they go to the light and find a house with a shed.  The group goes into the shed and look around.

Malak, Rhapsody and Connell contribute blood for a ritual to heal up Madden.  Daniel works on getting the bullet in Ashley’s hip out.  It’s not the prettiest of extractions, but Daniel is sure he got all the pieces of metal.

Rhapsody heads towards the house, after getting dressed.  Daniel suggests that Sheri go with Rhapsody.  They knock on the door.  An older gentleman by the name of John Mallister greets them with a shotgun.  He invites them in and looks at everyone curiously.  Mallister goes to bed after allowing the group to get to his pantry.

Sheri Sights the girl, who has gone to sleep after all the excitement.  She can see that the girl is gifted.   The girl has been inscribed with ritual markings.  Malak and Daniel look over the markings.  Malak calls up Chandler, his mentor (known by another particular wizard as "Steed") and explains  a bit of the situation.  Chandler will see what he can do.

Daniel decides to try and make a blanket veil to put on Madden so they keep him magically hidden.   Madden  is sewn up as if in a bundling sack.

The girl, Courtney, wakes up and Malak gives her a teddy bear.  She last remembers being in Dublin.  They pile into John’s Land Rover and head to the southern part of the island towards Peel Castle.  It takes 2 hours and they are dropped off at the castle.

Malak opens up a portal to the Never-never.  The surroundings aren’t that different.  They see a landing craft and someone waving at them.  The group heads over and meets with Captain Bardin, a sidhe pirate-looking bloke.   It’s a three hour trip on a classic age of sail ship through Nevernever waters and they get to the Isle of Eire.  They are let off in a village and step back through , winding up in a small village pub.

They go to a decent hotel and spend time tending to Madden till he awakens.  Madden directs them to Tory Island and to a cave on the west side.  They are to speak to a man named Padraig, the King of Tory Island.

The group arrives in the little town of Bunbeg, the harbor to get to Tory Island.  They take a fishing boat to the Island.

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