Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Session 49 "Mann's Isle"

Racing away from the scene of the attack with a redcap in the boot, the group makes their way to a Dublin suburb, where Ms. McArthy's Summer court fae have a safehouse. After carting the unconscious redcap into the kitchen and making an attempt to patch and then tie him up, they proceed to question him.

In exchange for being allowed to leave unharmed, and promising never to fight or plot against the group, the redcap fills in some blanks...
1. His redcap troupe are wild fae mercenaries in the employ of the Cailleachan (Storm Hags). In particular of Cuimhne (Coovnee), one of the three hags who reside on the Isle of Mann.
2. The redcaps were accompanied by a Fomor sorcerer and sent to ambush Collin Madden just inside the never never.
3. They've taken Madden aboard a ferryboat called the Sea Maiden supposedly bound for Wales.
4. Cuimhne's base of operations is a rural house in a small village on the south side of the Isle. The redcap gives directions to the house.

After semi-seriously discussing breaking at least the spirit of their bargain and killing the redcap, they drive him into the countryside and let him go.

Afterward, they use their contacts with Detective Fraser to get the GPS location on the ferry. According to the radio logs, the vessel experienced engine trouble and returned to Dublin for docking. An authorized GPS ping reveals that the boat is actually in the sea near the Isle of Mann.

Taking a Summer court provided rented boat from Dublin, the group makes haste for the Sea Maiden, with plans on rescuing Madden. It's dark when they arrive in a small southern port. Between the darkness and the roughness of the sea, there's no real way to find the ferry. They hire a cab to take them to Cuimhne's house.

Though it takes some finessing of the nosy driver, they eventually get her to drop them off up the street from the house, in the rain. After discussing what to do next, Sheri finally convinces everyone that they should take the diplomatic approach. It's brought up that the Hags may not yet have chosen sides in the whole Balial vs. Atlal thing. A diplomatic gesture now could create an ally.

Conceding the point, they let Sheri and Daniel approach the house, while they remain ready to come to the rescue when the plan goes to hell. It doesn't, but it doesn't succeed either. A redcap glamoured in human guise answers the door. When they ask for the women of the house, their told she's not at home. When they ask about Madden, the guard lies and claims ignorance. He tells them that he will pass word of their visit to the mistress of the house when she returns.

Another cab ride takes them to a B&B in the village to the south. Unsure of their next step, they allow Connel to summon his new friend, The Morrigan. After introductions are made and credentials are verified, - mainly that the Morrigan is one of three sisters related to the Atlal who represents powers interested in stopping the rise of Geyaharu, Morrigan tells the group that the Hags were once a major threat. She tells of the old, temporary alliance of the Summer and Winter court to take out many of the most powerful hags. The Cailleachan were thought to have been destroyed, but they actually went into hiding.

She also tells them that the Hags have already made some sort of alliance with the Fomor, who are in many ways like Ashley's Atlal guardians, ancient servitors of the Balial, at least some of which are interested in bringing the Balial back. They have Madden on the Sea Maiden and are probably torturing him for the location of the Tuatha de Danaan's resting place, a secret that only Madden now knows.

She offers to send a guide to lead the group to the boat, but cannot aid them further while out at sea. Though practically no one has had great experiences with sea adventures (Connel didn't technically survive his last one), the group decides there's nothing for it but to rescue Madden.

A car ride brings them to their boat once more, and the Morrigan's guide, a giant Albatross, waits for them to board before leading them out onto the raging sea....

Name's in this Session:
Rhapsody, Connel, Daniel, Sheri, Mallick
Ashley, The Cailleachan (Storm Hags), Cuimhne (Hag), Redcap Captain?, The Morrigan

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